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The "trunk" series represents the primary line of development rather than a stable release branch. This is sometimes also called MAIN or HEAD.

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Project drivers:
Chris Jones, Terminator
Release manager:
Chris Jones
Project development focus:
is not the focus of development.
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Code for this series

The following branch has been registered as the mainline branch for this release series:

1779 revisions.

You can get a copy of the development focus branch using the command:
bzr branch lp:terminator/trunk

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Milestones and releases

125 of 25 results
Version Expected Released Summary
Terminator 1.0 "Patrick" None 2016-11-23
Terminator 0.98 "temperation" None 2015-09-07 It's been a couple years since 0.97, high time for a new release!
Terminator 0.97 "preparation" None 2013-04-30 This brings a lot of bug fixes and some minor feature additions, in preparati...
Terminator 0.96 None 2011-09-23 Bug fixes and features
Terminator 0.95 None 2010-08-24
Terminator 0.94 "relaxation" None 2010-07-04
Terminator 0.93 "recognition" None 2010-04-15
Terminator 0.92 "redemption" None 2010-04-07 Continuing to stamp out the bugs and regressions in 0.9x.
Terminator 0.91 "epic fail" None 2010-03-31 Fixing silly little mistakes in the 0.90 release
Terminator 0.90 "epic win" None 2010-03-30 This release will be the first one made from our brand new project core, the ...
Terminator 0.14 "Our last best hope" None 2009-12-03
Terminator 0.13 None 2009-06-23
Terminator 0.12 "I hear voices" None 2009-01-20 Get a release out to get some testing and into Jaunty Bug fixes, directional ...
Terminator 0.11 "The Electric Bugaloo" None 2008-09-19 Bug fixes and X Session Support
Terminator 0.10 "the horns of jericho" None 2008-08-28 This is mostly a bugfix release, but we have a great new configuration file h...
Terminator 0.9 "rocking" None 2008-07-07
Terminator 0.8.1 "gar" None 2008-02-20 This is a bugfix release to resolve some issues with 0.8
Terminator 0.8 "nails" None 2008-02-15 New infrastructure and fixes for a long haul release
Terminator 0.7 "foodofthegods" None 2008-01-14 This is another feature/bugfix release, with much additional external halp
Terminator 0.6 "usefulcode" None 2007-12-26 This is another mostly bugfix release, but the important thing now is that Te...
Terminator 0.5 "pleasantdogfood" None 2007-11-09 This is another bugfix release, but it also changes the default behaviours so...
Terminator 0.4 "tastydogfood" None 2007-09-11 This fixes at least one annoying bug and improves behaviours for several others.
Terminator 0.3 "enjoyable dogfood" None 2007-07-31 This release implements terminal closing. With the splitting in 0.2 and this,...
Terminator 0.2 "dogfood" None 2007-07-29 Second public release, now with dynamic splitting goodness
Terminator 0.1 "almostdogfood" None 2007-07-28 First actual release! It mirrors most of the important gnome-terminal behavi...
125 of 25 results
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Latest version is 1.0
released on 2016-11-23

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