Terminator 0.96

Bug fixes and features

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Chris Jones
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1 Breno Rubens Moreira Ruivo, 1 Chris Jones
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download icon terminator-0.96.tar.gz (md5, sig) Terminator 0.96 10,916
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Release notes 

Bug fixes and some minor features. Catching up a little with the backlog of bugs, patches and branches from users.


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terminator 0.96:
  * Unity support for opening new windows (Lucian Adrian Grijincu)
  * Fix searching with infinite scrollback (Julien Thewys #755077)
  * Fix searching on Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04, and implement searching by regular expression (Roberto Aguilar #709018)
  * Optimise various low level components so they are dramatically faster (Stephen Boddy)
  * Fix various bugs (Stephen Boddy)
  * Fix cursor colours (#700969) and a cursor blink issue (Tony Baker)
  * Improve and extend drag&drop support to include more sources of text, e.g. Gtk file chooser path buttons (#643425)
  * Add a plugin to watch a terminal for inactvity (i.e. silence)
  * Fix loading layouts with more than two tabs (#646826)
  * Fix order of tabs created from saved layouts (#615930)
  * Add configuration to remove terminal dimensions from titlebars (patch from João Pinto #691213)
  * Restore split positions more accurately (patch from Glenn Moss #797953)
  * Fix activity notification in active terminals. (patch from Chris Newton #748681)
  * Stop leaking child processes if terminals are closed using the context menu (#308025)
  * Don't forget tab order and custom labels when closing terminals in them (#711356)
  * Each terminal is assigned a unique identifier and this is exposed to the processes inside the terminal via the environment variable TERMINATOR_UUID
  * Expand dbus support to start covering useful methods. Also add a commandline tool called 'remotinator' that can be used to control Terminator from a terminal running inside it.
  * Fix terminal font settings for users of older Linux distributions

1 blueprint and 1 bug targeted

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ETEC Terminal do Ubuntu para escolas técnicas ETEC Terminal do Ubuntu para escolas técnicas 1 Undefined Breno Rubens Moreira Ruivo  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
643425 #643425 drag-and-drop of "path buttons" not supported 4 Medium Chris Jones  10 Fix Released
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