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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Bazaar Explorer PPA This archive contains the latest release of bzr-explorer, buil... 2 11
PPA This PPA includes some latest upstream versions of packages, w... 11 55
PPA for Bazaar This archive contains the latest release or release candidate ... 23 50
quimup-ppa See Automated Ubun... 1 8
bzr-builddeps Common build-time dependencies for bzr ppas. debhelper: At le... 11 25
make-test-release First of all you have to use one of the switch-chroot scripts.... 1 4
bzr-beta Beta and release candidate packages of bzr and related tools. ... 23 59
bzr-proposed PPA holding proposed new packages for the bzr stable archive (... 23 55
Development packages of bzr-builder This PPA contains development packages of bzr-builder for pre-... 3 9
bzr-testing To testing area so that I don't stuff up the bzr ppas. 1 12
PPA for Specto Bazaar Packagers This PPA contains automatically-built packages of the latest b... 1 5
AppArmor 2.10 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the bzr lp:apparmor/2.... 1 79
AppArmor 2.6 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the lp:apparmor/2.6 bz... 1 33
AppArmor 2.8 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the bzr lp:apparmor/2.... 1 64
AppArmor 2.9 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the bzr lp:apparmor/2.... 1 95
Distributed Organisms Ubuntu package repository for AI modules for robots and roboti... 1 6
GnashTesting Testing Packages for the gnash plugin. These are based off of ... 1 9
Hercules DJ Kernel module DKMS based package patched to work with current kernels. Speci... 1 12
Hinge daily Daily builds out of Hinge's bzr repo (Project: https://launchp... 1 4
LightDM Daily Builds Contains automatically built packages taken from the ligthdm b... 1 38
MAAS Updated Packages This archive contains some packages to help maas. Currently th... 1 25
Misc Packages Unavailable in 12.04 repositories - avxsynth: 4.0 git. crunch... 24 53
Natty onwards source - cross patched These packages are natty source (from lp:ubuntu, wherever poss... 11 31
PPA for Chet Gray Some stuff I've packaged, currently: - MusicBrainz Picard t... 2 3
PPA for Ketil Wendelbo Aanensen Universal Applets by Natan Yellin, from bzr -- Only updated wh... 1 1
PPA for KiCad daily builds This ppa provide a daily build for KiCad bzr repo (lp:kicad). 8 210
PPA for OpenShot trunk test OpenShot video editor built from bzr snapshot, for Maverick. ... 3 14
Packages for development releases of Kmess Kmess development release from bzr To add the GPG key of this... 1 2
SSLGUI-SSHConnect SSLGUI-GUI for connecting to athena Only for Ubuntu 12.04 Meth... 1 1
TSBarnes' Misc. Packages Various software I've packaged, mostly from I... 13 120
The Powder Toy - unstable builds Unstable (daily) builds of The Powder Toy ( 1 10
Unstable == LIKE A WALRUS ON WHEELS == GRUB2 Add cmos button functiona... 4 30
ffmulticonverter unstable ffmulticonverter unstable, latest build from the git master / ... 3 22
sni-qt Bzr snapshots of sni-qt 1 1
update-manager-ng Builds of distribution-independent update-manager packages cre... 1 3
Bazaar Daily Builds Daily builds of Bazaar, various Bazaar plugins and their depen... 30 99
bzr-obsolete Obsolete stable packages, typically for distroseries that are ... 24 196
bzr-beta-obsolete Archive of obsolete packages from the ~bzr/beta PPA, such as p... 25 130
dan_Os Luna_64 24 37
PPA for Jerome Soyer 43 90
LEMPV 0.1 NGINX, Mysql, PHP 5.6, HHVM, Redis, with NodeJS, and soon to b... 12 48
PPA for Paul Whitaker 2 14
PPA for Mark Lee * Awn experimental builds (i.e., desktop-agnostic) * Web dev... 59 262
DevSW This is a Part of Spezial Development tools and test it with h... 20 69
Obsolete Packages for Launchpad Packages that were required for Ubuntu series that we are depr... 37 147
PPA for Jelmer Vernooij 14 84
Rakon Rakon Linux Repository 22 54
vila's Bazaar Package Importer Packages needed by the bazaar package importer in addition to ... 7 19
Experimental-PPA 13 43
Lucid-cat backports 4 7
PPA for Damien Churchill 13 41
PPA for EhsanJebeli put ppa:e-jebely/ppa 6 8
PPA for Launchpad Engineering One-stop shop for all the great stuff necessary for Launchpad ... 31 170
PPA for Unit193 Backports and updates, as well as the occasional new package. ... 33 54
PPA named backports for Julien Lavergne Quick backports from Debian unstable/experimental or newer Ubu... 58 202
Testing Experimental versions of already existing Ubuntu Packages. To... 6 9
bzr-inotify 1 1
ppa My ppa 4 5
serpro 5 6
svndistup 2 4
vila's PPA Various packages for personal use that I need to install on se... 14 93
AMCG Packaging PPA for packages supporting the work of the AMCG group at Impe... 11 33
ASB's Experimental PPA An experimental PPA for test builds. This is not recommended f... 13 43
Backports Backporting packages from latest LTS to other LTS. Current pa... 5 33
Bazaar Foreign Branch Improvements 1 3
Daily snapshots of Git Daily snapshot of the git 'next' branch as published by Junio ... 1 149
Drizzle PPA Extra Build Deps Packages that we need to build backported packages, but which ... 8 18
Eclipse Plugins PPA This archive contains up-to-date packages for various Eclipse ... 12 60
Gedit BC Plugins - Daily Builds PPA Gedit BC Plugins - Daily Builds These packages are built dire... 8 101
Gedit BC Plugins - Stable Releases This PPA contains packages for Gedit BC Developer Plugins. 7 83
Git 1.8.x old releases This is an old release of Git 1.8.x, packaged for travis-ci. ... 1 119
Git fixes Fixes to Ubuntu's stable git release 1 17
LP buildd development 3 6
Liviu's Experimental PPA A PPA for experimenting with new builds. Use it at your own ... 38 89
Misc Venmo Packages Ubuntu packages we need that don't have their own stable/relia... 9 49
175 of 154 results