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PPA name Description Sources Binaries
Bazaar Explorer PPA This archive contains the latest release of bzr-explorer, buil... 2 11
PPA This PPA includes some latest upstream versions of packages, w... 11 55
PPA for Bazaar This archive contains the latest release or release candidate ... 23 54
quimup-ppa See Automated Ubun... 1 8
bzr-builddeps Common build-time dependencies for bzr ppas. debhelper: At le... 11 34
make-test-release First of all you have to use one of the switch-chroot scripts.... 1 4
bzr-beta Beta and release candidate packages of bzr and related tools. ... 23 62
bzr-proposed PPA holding proposed new packages for the bzr stable archive (... 24 68
Development packages of bzr-builder This PPA contains development packages of bzr-builder for pre-... 3 10
bzr-testing To testing area so that I don't stuff up the bzr ppas. 1 12
PPA for Specto Bazaar Packagers This PPA contains automatically-built packages of the latest b... 1 5
AppArmor 2.10 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the bzr lp:apparmor/2.... 1 79
AppArmor 2.6 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the lp:apparmor/2.6 bz... 1 33
AppArmor 2.8 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the bzr lp:apparmor/2.... 1 64
AppArmor 2.9 packages AppArmor user space packages built from the bzr lp:apparmor/2.... 1 79
Distributed Organisms Ubuntu package repository for AI modules for robots and roboti... 1 6
GnashTesting Testing Packages for the gnash plugin. These are based off of ... 1 9
Hercules DJ Kernel module DKMS based package patched to work with current kernels. Speci... 1 12
Hinge daily Daily builds out of Hinge's bzr repo (Project: https://launchp... 1 4
LightDM Daily Builds Contains automatically built packages taken from the ligthdm b... 1 38
MAAS Updated Packages This archive contains some packages to help maas. Currently th... 1 25
Misc Packages Unavailable in 12.04 repositories - avxsynth: 4.0 git. crunch... 24 53
Natty onwards source - cross patched These packages are natty source (from lp:ubuntu, wherever poss... 11 31
PPA for Chet Gray Some stuff I've packaged, currently: - MusicBrainz Picard t... 2 3
PPA for Ketil Wendelbo Aanensen Universal Applets by Natan Yellin, from bzr -- Only updated wh... 1 1
PPA for KiCad daily builds This ppa provide a daily build for KiCad bzr repo (lp:kicad). 8 210
PPA for KiCad stable This ppa provide a daily build for KiCad bzr repo (lp:kicad/st... 3 69
PPA for OpenShot trunk test OpenShot video editor built from bzr snapshot, for Maverick. ... 3 14
Packages for development releases of Kmess Kmess development release from bzr To add the GPG key of this... 1 2
SSLGUI-SSHConnect SSLGUI-GUI for connecting to athena Only for Ubuntu 12.04 Meth... 1 1
TSBarnes' Misc. Packages Various software I've packaged, mostly from I... 10 114
The Powder Toy - unstable builds Unstable (daily) builds of The Powder Toy ( 1 10
Unstable == LIKE A WALRUS ON WHEELS == GRUB2 Add cmos button functiona... 4 30
ffmulticonverter unstable ffmulticonverter unstable, latest build from the git master / ... 3 22
sni-qt Bzr snapshots of sni-qt 1 1
update-manager-ng Builds of distribution-independent update-manager packages cre... 1 3
Bazaar Daily Builds Daily builds of Bazaar, various Bazaar plugins and their depen... 31 98
bzr-obsolete Obsolete stable packages, typically for distroseries that are ... 24 196
bzr-beta-obsolete Archive of obsolete packages from the ~bzr/beta PPA, such as p... 25 130
dan_Os Luna_64 24 37
PPA for Jerome Soyer 43 90
PPA for Paul Whitaker 2 14
PPA for Mark Lee * Awn experimental builds (i.e., desktop-agnostic) * Web dev... 59 262
PPA for Jelmer Vernooij 14 84
vila's Bazaar Package Importer Packages needed by the bazaar package importer in addition to ... 7 19
Lucid-cat backports 4 7
Obsolete Packages for Launchpad Packages that were required for Ubuntu series that we are depr... 37 147
PPA for Damien Churchill 13 41
PPA for EhsanJebeli put ppa:e-jebely/ppa 6 8
PPA for Launchpad Engineering One-stop shop for all the great stuff necessary for Launchpad ... 27 219
PPA named backports for Julien Lavergne Quick backports from Debian unstable/experimental or newer Ubu... 58 202
Testing Experimental versions of already existing Ubuntu Packages. To... 6 9
bzr-inotify 1 1
ppa My ppa 4 5
serpro 5 6
svndistup 2 4
vila's PPA Various packages for personal use that I need to install on se... 10 58
AMCG Packaging PPA for packages supporting the work of the AMCG group at Impe... 9 31
ASB's Experimental PPA An experimental PPA for test builds. This is not recommended f... 13 43
Backports Backporting packages from latest LTS to other LTS. Current pa... 5 33
Bazaar Foreign Branch Improvements 1 3
Daily snapshots of Git Daily snapshot of the git 'next' branch as published by Junio ... 1 133
DevSW This is a Part of Spezial Development tools and test it with h... 10 29
Drizzle PPA Extra Build Deps Packages that we need to build backported packages, but which ... 8 18
Eclipse Plugins PPA This archive contains up-to-date packages for various Eclipse ... 12 63
Gedit BC Plugins - Daily Builds PPA Gedit BC Plugins - Daily Builds These packages are built dire... 8 101
Gedit BC Plugins - Stable Releases This PPA contains packages for Gedit BC Developer Plugins. 7 83
Git 1.8.x old releases This is an old release of Git 1.8.x, packaged for travis-ci. ... 1 119
Git fixes Fixes to Ubuntu's stable git release 1 17
Liviu's Experimental PPA A PPA for experimenting with new builds. Use it at your own ... 37 87
Misc Venmo Packages Ubuntu packages we need that don't have their own stable/relia... 9 49
PPA for Anderson Lizardo 9 61
PPA for Diogo Matsubara 6 24
PPA for Exaile Bzr Packaging Team Development builds of Exaile 1 2
PPA for Fajran Iman Rusadi 2 2
175 of 150 results