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You can update your system with unsupported packages from this untrusted PPA by adding ppa:lmd-jazzededtech/ubuntu-ppa-home to your system's Software Sources. (Read about installing)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:lmd-jazzededtech/ubuntu-ppa-home
sudo apt update
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This PPA can be added to your system manually by copying the lines below and adding them to your system's software sources.

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For questions and bugs with software in this PPA please contact violethaze74.

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164 of 64 results
Package Version Uploaded by
brz-builder 0.7.4+bzr185~ppa184~ubuntu20.04.1 Canonical Launchpad Engineering ()
bzr 2.5.1-0~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-builder 0.7.3+bzr174~ppa13~ubuntu16.04.1 William Grant ()
bzr-explorer 1.2.2-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-fastimport 0.13.0-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-git 0.6.9-1~bazaar1~precise1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-gtk 0.100.0+bzr737-2.1~bazaar1~lucid1 Max Bowsher ()
bzr-landing-dependencies 1.0.0lucid1 Vincent Ladeuil ()
bzr-loom 2.2.0-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-lpreview-body 0.1~bzr22+bzr25-0~ppa23~precise1 Canonical Launchpad Engineering ()
bzr-pipeline 1.4-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-pqm 1.4.0~bzr90-1~bazaar1~lucid1 Max Bowsher ()
bzr-rewrite 0.6.3-1~bazaar1~lucid1 Max Bowsher ()
bzr-stats 0.1.0+bzr48-1~bazaar1~oneiric1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-svn 1.2.1-1~bazaar2~lucid2 Max Bowsher ()
bzr-upload 1.1.0-2~bazaar1~precise2 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzr-xmloutput 0.8.8+bzr160-2~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
bzrtools 2.5-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
c-ares 1.14.0-1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
codetree 1.2.0-14~123~ubuntu16.04.1 Mojo Maintainers ()
convoy 0.4.4~bzr39+lp44~ubuntu16.04.1 Canonical Launchpad Engineering ()
debian-archive-keyring 2021.1.1ubuntu1~ubuntu18.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
dh-exec 0.13~ubuntu14.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
dpkg 1.18.4ubuntu1.7+ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
dulwich 0.8.5-2~bazaar1~lucid2 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
fakesleep 0.1-1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
geoip-data-city-lite 0.0.20081201~ppa1 Celso Providelo ()
gettext (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
git 1:2.25.1-1ubuntu3~ubuntu18.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Thiago F. Pappacena ()
git-build-recipe 0.3.7~git202005072137.f2b5c92~ubuntu18.04.1 Canonical Launchpad Engineering ()
gpgme1.0 1.6.0-1ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
http-parser 2.7.1-2~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
icu 60.2-3ubuntu3~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
launchpad-buildd 207~521~ubuntu18.04.1 Canonical Launchpad Engineering ()
launchpad-dependencies 0.141~218~ubuntu18.04.1 Canonical Launchpad Engineering ()
libgit2 0.28.4+dfsg.1-2~ubuntu18.04.1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
libuv1 1.18.0-3~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
loggerhead 1.19~bzr461-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
lpbuildbot-setup 1.0.0-0~202007310926~ubuntu20.04.1 Tom Wardill ()
lpbuildbot-worker 1.0.0-0~202103091512~ubuntu20.04.1 Colin Watson ()
lpsetup 0.2.3+bzr94+ppa12~ubuntu18.04.1 Colin Watson ()
mmm-archive-manager 0.0.2-0~5~precise1 Curtis Hovey ()
nghttp2 1.30.0-1ubuntu1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
node-argparse 1.0.9-1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
node-esprima 4.0.0+ds-2~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
node-js-yaml 3.10.0+dfsg-1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
node-typescript 2.7.2-1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa2 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
nodejs 8.10.0~dfsg-2ubuntu0.4~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
pg-repack 1.4.2-2~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
pgbouncer 1.5.4-4lp1 (Newer version available) William Grant ()
postgresql-10 10.17-0ubuntu0.18.04.1~ubuntu16.04.1 Colin Watson ()
postgresql-9.6 9.6.1-2~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 Colin Watson ()
postgresql-common 190~ubuntu16.04.1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
postgresql-debversion 1.1.1-2~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
python-fastimport 0.9.2-1~bazaar1~precise1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
python-fixtures 0.3.5-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
python-testtools 0.9.8-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
qbzr 0.22.2-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
serf 1.3.9-2ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
slony1-2 2.2.6-1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
subunit 0.0.6-1~bazaar1~lucid1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
subvertpy 0.8.10-2~bazaar1~oneiric1 (Newer version available) Max Bowsher ()
systemfixtures 0.4.3-2~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 (Newer version available) Colin Watson ()
txfixtures 0.1.4-1~ubuntu16.04.1~ppa1 Colin Watson ()
164 of 64 results

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  • qbzr 13 weeks ago
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  • python-testtools 13 weeks ago
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