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Steve's F-Spot PPA Various packages of F-Spot which do not automatically alter ti... 1 2
gtk+3.0 without Avahi printers Print dialog without Avahi discovered printers. Print dialog ... 2 82
PPA for GNOME Lock Dialog Preferences GNOME Lock Dialog Preferences packages 1 4
Software repository of C O S M O S Project. This repository is C O S M O S Project's all Stable Softwares ... 5 34
GNOME Stracciatella PPA A PPA repository that provide a vanilla version (if possible) ... 65 571
1. releases stable releases The firefox-plasma package should install pat... 4 1759
Abrowser/GNU IceCat for KDE This PPA contains builds of Trisquel's Abrowser and GNU IceCat... 4 367
Bazaar Explorer PPA This archive contains the latest release of bzr-explorer, buil... 2 11
Cricket Score Indicator This project eliminates the need to open a cricket website to ... 1 5
GLPI Why this PPA? Because Debian dropped GLPI see https://github.c... 1 1
GTK PPP GTK PPP is a modem dialup tool designed to integrate nicely in... 1 1
Gnome Terminal Exercise Add a text to About dialog 1 2
L2tp over IPsec VPN A GUI to manage L2TP over IPsec virtual private network connec... 3 7
L2tp over IPsec VPN A GUI to manage L2TP over IPsec virtual private network connec... 3 20
Nautilus Improved for Trusty, Xenial *Make sure to upgrade all your nautilus packages* After updati... 1 12
Nepomuk Metadata Extractor Finds additional metadata on the internet (via Python plugins)... 1 1
PCManx Exercise Add a text to About dialog 1 1
PPA for TomasKovacik personal PPA /custom patches,backports/ network-manager-openv... 4 27
PPA for hyperair This PPA contains the following software of the same version a... 19 94
PPA for touchpad cornertapping settings This PPA contains my cornertapping patches which lets you en-/... 2 7
Qt Webkit Kiosk browser This is simple browser application written on Qt & QtWebkit. ... 3 8
Test packages Jaunty: Contains experimental evdev package to fix software c... 2 2
duplex patch backport for qt print dialog This PPA contains a backported patch that allows qt print dial... 1 28
gedit This is my test, just modify about dialog of gedit. If I made ... 1 3
gifrecord The program:gifrecord records operation on a windows for speci... 1 1
gopenvpn gopenvpn is a simple graphical front-end for OpenVPN, the open... 1 2
interview assignment interview assignment 6. Build the latest totem of Ubuntu 14.04... 1 9
kile livepreview (stable KDE4) Kile packages including LivePreview (version 3 beta 1). - this... 1 6
libimobiledevice iOS7 libimobiledevice from git repository (2013-12-18) with trust ... 1 6
qtprintfix1 QT4-libs that employ the print dialog patch from here https://... 1 93
steamcmd-dl Download Windows versions of Steam games on linux. This PPA c... 1 2
totem-about modifed About(A) dialog. 1 9
FusionForge packages from Debian Ubuntu builds of the FusionForge “stable” packages uploaded to... 9 37
Qt 5.5 (with GCC 4.8) for trusty Experimental (do not use yet: incomplete) backport of Qt 5.5 (... 12 136
Qt5 A backport of the Qt5.3.2 packages from Vivid Velvet; see http... 14 167
Test PPA PPA for hosting test packages. Use these at your own risk! To... 2 20
build test 35 110
Apps not included in the Ubuntu repository Deb Cup:  GTK+ GUI tool for creating deb packages and uploadin... 12 34
Distro Guide PPA 5 22
Gambas Beta Builds 4 795
Gambas Daily Builds This PPA contain the latest development version of Gambas. Cu... 4 795
Gambas Stable Builds 4 981
Gambas3 this is my ppa for Gambas3 with Bionic backport 1 98
Idiomind Idiomind is a program based in Bash scripts to learn foreign l... 3 18
JoeOS core (maverick) This isn't necessarily for legacy purposes. 26 65
JoeOS-universe (natty) universe for JoeOS based on ubuntu natty 26 56
JoeOS-universe (oneiric) JoeOS universe for ubuntu oneiric 7 11
Lubuntu Packages for Lubuntu copied from other ppa. 17 50
Ma-tty PPA 1 5
ModemManager-next Builds to use for testing the next version of ModemManager (0.... 3 20
Moorhen-Extra Extra packages required for moorhen. 35 93
Network Manager GUI support for AP mode hotspots The Ubuntu 14.04 (trusty) version of network-manager-gnome wit... 1 5
Network manager snapshots Snapshots of newer versions of Network manager, Modem manager,... 4 57
NetworkManager daily trunk builds for Ubuntu This PPA contains daily builds of NetworkManager, nm-applet, m... 12 115
PPA for Antti Kaijanmäki Mobile Broadband Configuration Assistant for NetworkManager. T... 4 26
PPA for GNOME test builds and backports Various test versions of GNOME packages and related stuff. 20... 2 18
PPA for Marius Kotsbak 6 5
PPA for USU apps (and other USU stuff) This PPA contains some USU apps and other usu stuff. It's not ... 3 14
PPA for extras for USU Extra packages for USU(wallpapers,nautilus scripts,bash GUI to... 5 18
PPA named YAD for Robin Palat 1 5
PPA named fltk-torios-apps for ToriOS Developers 7 20
PPA named torios-core for ToriOS Developers ToriOS core PPA. Contains the desktop base (torios-core) and t... 21 202
Precise Copied packages from other PPA. Contains patched versions, upd... 29 75
Qt 5 OpenGL ES on x86 - 2 2 52
Qt5 testing Qt5 testing - currently includes the last versions of RC1 pack... 16 327
Sam 3 22
Shamatari 64 86
Silentcast Silentcast is a tool for recording your screen and creating an... 2 10
UCL Linux Multitasking Study 26 234
Xanadu Packages for Xanadu GNU/linux 53 157
Xenial external ppa Repository with packages from others ppa's 28 51
Y PPA Manager Y PPA Manager Info: 4 62
[backup] Qt 5.5.1 for Ubuntu 15.10 A snapshot copy of Qt 5.5.1 for Ubuntu 15.10 in case 15.10 use... 47 705
[deprecated] Canonical Qt5 proper packages 2014-02-12: Qt 5.2.1 debug test builds. See https://launchpad.... 21 377
[preparation work] Qt5 packages being prepared RELEASE PREPARATION ONLY, NORMALLY GO TO 19 211
175 of 248 results