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Nautilus Improved for Trusty, Xenial *Make sure to upgrade all your nautilus packages* After updati... 1 12
Nautilus actions extra Offical release PPA for nautilus-actions-extra nautilus-action... 54 232
Nautilus actions extra (Daily) Daily PPA of nautilus-actions-extra nautilus-actions-extra    ... 55 266
PagaVCS PagaVCS Subversion GUI with Nautilus, Thunar and mugCommander ... 23 128
ITmages software Для установки расширения к файловому менеджеру nautilus, выпол... 7 32
nautilus-typeahead Nautilus packages patched to retain the type to seek functiona... 1 20
File compare extension for Nautilus Simple context menu file comparison extension for Nautilus 3 a... 1 5
Nautilus Edit-With-Vim An extension for nautilus for adding an "Edit with Vim" link w... 1 4
PPA named daily for Nautilus Image Manipulator developers This PPA contains a daily build of Nautilus Image Manipulator'... 1 3
nautilus-udisks This ppa contains unstable Nautilus extentsion for udisks2 (na... 1 2
Just Looking2 (libav11 & FFmpeg Use at your own risk, (everything works ok here but.. Also not... 52 311
Nautilus extensions Some useful extensions for Nautilus 30 245
Nautilus extensions Some useful extensions for Nautilus 30 245
Moorhen Nautilus Nautilus Elementary 4 19
Another testing ppa Currently contains Nautilus with Linux Mint's refined mime app... 2 25
Nautilus - Navigation buttons on left This ppa provides with nautilus having navigation buttons on l... 1 6
Nautilus Downgrade downgrade of nautilus back to the official xenial version whic... 1 6
Nautilus with full date-time mod for trusty Inc. patches * no_me1.patch, reports actual owner name * open-... 1 6
PPA for Jan Rathmann Testing for patch fixing ignored default zoom level settings f... 1 12
nautilus Nautilus patched to show the full date in list view. 1 6
nautilus-experiments nautilus-experiments 1 6
testing Testing modified Gnome apps for Unity:- Nautilus - better thu... 3 12
Cozy Cozy backup, a patched nautilus version to support Cozy and a ... 3 14
Nautilus Nautilus with my patch to fix the "eel_preferences_get_boolean... 1 5
Nautilus with bookmark icons Lucid build of nautilus to show bookmarks with same icon as fo... 1 5
WebUpd8 The main Web Upd8 PPA maintained by: ... 134 1225
hb_gnome Patched versions of Gnome-related software which did not yet m... 1 10
nautilus 3.30 nautilus 3.30 5 16
Antiviral This a PPA for Antiviral and the extensions for Caja, Nautilus... 4 24
Antiviral This a PPA for Antiviral and the extensions for Caja, Nautilus... 4 24
Nautilus Git Extension Nautilus extension to add important information about the curr... 1 5
PushBullet Indicator and extensions for PushBullet. The extensions are av... 4 32
PushBullet Indicator and extensions for PushBullet. The extensions are av... 4 32
Subtitle utils Currently, it only holds Periscope (with Nautilus and Nemo ext... 7 50
Test repo 03 This repository contains: libowncloudsync-dev libowncl... 1 14
APK thumbnailer By this script Gnome file manager(nautilus) will be able to sh... 1 1
Folder Color Change a folder color used in Nautilus, Nemo & Caja File Brows... 5 66
Personal packages Available packages: Ezame: a Desktop and Menu File Editor. u... 7 21
git-cheetah Experimental packages for git-cheetah a Nautilus git plugin. S... 1 1
Gnome flashback experience improvements Various xenial and bionic improvements and tweaks. PPA include... 7 44
Moritz Molch PPA --------------------------------------------------------------... 5 28
Nemo Nautilus Merge A Nemo version, merged with Nautilus features https://github... 1 12
Nemo Nautilus Merge for Cinnamon A Nemo version, merged with Nautilus features https://github.c... 1 12
Nemo for Ubuntu Designed with unity in mind, probably would work ok with gnome... 6 13
Oficjalne paczki Gnapi (i kilka przydatnych rzeczy) GNAPI ======== Program do pobierania napisów z bazy napiprojek... 3 15
PPA for extras for USU Extra packages for USU(wallpapers,nautilus scripts,bash GUI to... 5 18
Qt4 Testing Build from the latest Debian sid sources. I am building these... 2 61
gvfs MTP Backend These builds of gvfs have my native mtp backend backported fro... 2 45
itmages Utils for upload screenshots to ITmages service. itmages-dolph... 4 4
periscope periscope is a subtitles search engine python module. It curre... 3 13
yd-tools yd-tools -------------------- yd-tools is a package that conta... 1 15
Nautilus actions extra This has been copied from 6 130
My Personal PPA This PPA is for my personal use 95 447
Ubuntu-MM Ubuntu Myanmar LoCo Team PPA. Welcome form Myanmar LoCo Team. ... 47 306
test Only for test uploaded packages 63 100
test Only for test uploaded packages 63 100
PPA for Raúl González Duque Welcome to the software repository of Th... 13 15
Ubuntu-MM LoCo Team PPA Myanmar Font, Keyboard and Wallpaper and other tester Applicat... 39 539
GNOME3 Before upgrading your system to a new Ubuntu release (i.e. fro... 66 620
Moorhen-Extra Extra packages required for moorhen. 35 93
Ubuntu-Desktop-Extra Extra Set of essential tools and various tweaks for Ubuntu-Des... 31 208
GNOME Packages 4 18
Xenial Various test build for Xenial 10 56
bugs 4 28
gnome 3.19 11 38
nautilus-elementary 4 31
3447.1 - 2019-10-25 https://objectstorage... 4 25
ASD My modifications 3 11
Bug Fixes I push bug fixes to this PPA so that others can test it out wh... 1 6
Desktop Icons PPA with development builds to support desktop-icons research ... 4 45
Dustin Dorroh's PPA Dustin Dorroh's Personal Package Archive 1 12
Experiments Various experiments 2 48
GNOME Apps Builds of various GNOME Apps that I need. Depends on GNOME Fl... 15 69
GNOME Flashback === NOT BEING UPDATED ANYMORE as I switched to GNOME 3 === Qu... 12 62
GNOME Stracciatella PPA 23 122
175 of 336 results