efl package in Ubuntu

efl-doc: Documentation for the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries
libecore-audio1: Ecore functions for audio playback and recording
libecore-audio1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-audio1
libecore-avahi1: Ecore functions for dealing with Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD
libecore-avahi1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-avahi1
libecore-bin: Core abstraction layer for enlightenment DR 0.17 binary utilities
libecore-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-bin
libecore-con1: Ecore Connection Library
libecore-con1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-con1
libecore-dev: transitional EFL development package
libecore-drm2-1: Ecore functions for dealing with DRM2
libecore-drm2-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-drm2-1
libecore-evas1: Ecore Evas Wrapper Library
libecore-evas1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-evas1
libecore-fb1: Ecore frame buffer system functions
libecore-fb1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-fb1
libecore-file1: Ecore File Library
libecore-file1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-file1
libecore-imf1: Ecore Input Method Framework module
libecore-imf1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-imf1
libecore-input1: Ecore input module
libecore-input1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-input1
libecore-ipc1: Ecore inter-process communication functions
libecore-ipc1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-ipc1
libecore-wl2-1: Ecore functions for dealing with Wayland
libecore-wl2-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-wl2-1
libecore-x1: Ecore functions for dealing with the X Window System
libecore-x1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore-x1
libecore1: Core abstraction layer for enlightenment DR 0.17
libecore1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libecore1
libector1: Library that provides vector graphics capabilities for EFL
libector1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libector1
libedje-bin: Various binaries for use with libedje
libedje-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libedje-bin
libedje-dev: transitional EFL development package
libedje1: Graphical layout and animation library
libedje1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libedje1
libeet-bin: Enlightenment DR17 file chunk reading/writing utility
libeet-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeet-bin
libeet-dev: transitional EFL development package
libeet1: Enlightenment DR17 file chunk reading/writing library
libeet1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeet1
libeeze-bin: Library for manipulating devices through udev binary utilities
libeeze-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeeze-bin
libeeze-dev: transitional EFL development package
libeeze1: Library for manipulating devices through udev
libeeze1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeeze1
libefl-all-dev: Enlightenment Foundation Libraries development files
libefl-all-dev-dbgsym: debug symbols for libefl-all-dev
libefreet-bin: D-Bus activated helper binary to create efreet data caches
libefreet-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libefreet-bin
libefreet-dev: transitional EFL development package
libefreet1a: Library that implements freedesktop.org specs for use with E17/EFL
libefreet1a-dbgsym: debug symbols for libefreet1a
libeina-bin: Enlightenment Foundation Library providing optimized data types extra tools
libeina-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeina-bin
libeina-dev: transitional EFL development package
libeina1a: Enlightenment Foundation Library providing optimized data types
libeina1a-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeina1a
libeio-dev: transitional EFL development package
libeio1: Library providing non-blocking I/O using threads
libeio1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeio1
libelementary-bin: EFL-based widget set library - helper programs
libelementary-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libelementary-bin
libelementary-data: runtime data-files for libelementary
libelementary-dev: transitional EFL development package
libelementary1: EFL-based widget set library
libelementary1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libelementary1
libelocation1: Library providing geo information management in EFL
libelocation1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libelocation1
libelput1: EFL abstraction library for libinput
libelput1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libelput1
libelua-bin: Lua wrapper and convenience layer for EFL
libelua-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libelua-bin
libelua1: Lua wrapper and convenience layer for EFL shared objects
libelua1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libelua1
libembryo-bin: SMALL compiler creating Embryo bytecode
libembryo-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libembryo-bin
libembryo-dev: transitional EFL development package
libembryo1: SMALL-based abstract machine (AMX) bytecode interpreter
libembryo1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libembryo1
libemile1: Compression and encryption utilities and abstractions
libemile1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libemile1
libemotion-dev: transitional EFL development package
libemotion-players: Additional file format loaders for libemotion
libemotion-players-dbgsym: debug symbols for libemotion-players
libemotion1: Media object creation/manipulation library
libemotion1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libemotion1
libeolian1: EO object parser and C code generator - runtime library
libeolian1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libeolian1
libephysics1: Library providing physics functions to Evas and Edje
libephysics1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libephysics1
libethumb-client-bin: D-Bus activated helper binary to create thumbnails with libethumb
libethumb-client-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libethumb-client-bin
libethumb-client1: Library to create thumbnails using a D-Bus-actived server
libethumb-client1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libethumb-client1
libethumb-dev: transitional EFL development package
libethumb1: Library to create thumbnails for images and documents
libethumb1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libethumb1
libevas-bin: Enlightenment DR17 advanced canvas library binary tools
libevas-bin-dbgsym: debug symbols for libevas-bin
libevas-dev: transitional EFL development package
libevas-loaders: Additional file format loaders for libevas
libevas-loaders-dbgsym: debug symbols for libevas-loaders
libevas1: Enlightenment DR17 advanced canvas library
libevas1-dbgsym: debug symbols for libevas1
libevas1-engines-drm: Evas module providing the DRM engine
libevas1-engines-drm-dbgsym: debug symbols for libevas1-engines-drm
libevas1-engines-fb: Evas module providing the Framebuffer engine
libevas1-engines-fb-dbgsym: debug symbols for libevas1-engines-fb
libevas1-engines-wayland: Evas module providing the Wayland engine
libevas1-engines-wayland-dbgsym: debug symbols for libevas1-engines-wayland
libevas1-engines-x: Evas module providing the X11 engines
libevas1-engines-x-dbgsym: debug symbols for libevas1-engines-x

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A set of libraries made for the Enlightenment Desktop.

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The Disco Dingo (active development)
1.21.1-3build1 release (universe) 2018-11-23
The Cosmic Cuttlefish (current stable release)
1.20.7-7 release (universe) 2018-09-04
The Bionic Beaver (supported)
1.8.6-2.5build1 release (universe) 2017-10-24
The Xenial Xerus (supported)
1.8.6-2.5 release (universe) 2016-02-22