otb package in Ubuntu

libotb: ORFEO Toolbox library metapackage
libotb-apps: Plugins for ORFEO Toolbox applications
libotb-apps-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotb-apps
libotb-dev: Free library of image processing algorithms - development
libotbapplicationengine-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBApplicationEngine
libotbapplicationengine-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbapplicationengine-5.8-1
libotbcarto-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBCarto
libotbcarto-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbcarto-5.8-1
libotbcommandline-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBCommandLine
libotbcommandline-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbcommandline-5.8-1
libotbcommandlineparser-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBCommandLinePaser
libotbcommandlineparser-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbcommandlineparser-5.8-1
libotbcommon-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBCommon
libotbcommon-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbcommon-5.8-1
libotbcurladapters-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBCurlAdapters
libotbcurladapters-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbcurladapters-5.8-1
libotbedge-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBEdge
libotbedge-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbedge-5.8-1
libotbextendedfilename-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBExtendedFileName
libotbextendedfilename-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbextendedfilename-5.8-1
libotbfuzzy-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBFuzzy
libotbfuzzy-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbfuzzy-5.8-1
libotbgdaladapters-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBGdalAdapters
libotbgdaladapters-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbgdaladapters-5.8-1
libotbice-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIce
libotbice-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbice-5.8-1
libotbimagebase-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBImageBase
libotbimagebase-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbimagebase-5.8-1
libotbimageio-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBImageIO
libotbimageio-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbimageio-5.8-1
libotbimagemanipulation-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBImageManipulation
libotbimagemanipulation-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbimagemanipulation-5.8-1
libotbiobsq-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOBSQ
libotbiobsq-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiobsq-5.8-1
libotbiogdal-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOGDAL
libotbiogdal-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiogdal-5.8-1
libotbiokml-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOKML
libotbiokml-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiokml-5.8-1
libotbiolum-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOLUM
libotbiolum-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiolum-5.8-1
libotbiomstar-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOMSTAR
libotbiomstar-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiomstar-5.8-1
libotbiomw-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOMW
libotbiomw-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiomw-5.8-1
libotbioonera-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOONERA
libotbioonera-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbioonera-5.8-1
libotbiorad-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIORAD
libotbiorad-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiorad-5.8-1
libotbiotilemap-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBIOTileMap
libotbiotilemap-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbiotilemap-5.8-1
libotbmathparser-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBMathParser
libotbmathparser-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbmathparser-5.8-1
libotbmetadata-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBMetadata
libotbmetadata-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbmetadata-5.8-1
libotbmonteverdicore-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBMonteverdiCore
libotbmonteverdicore-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbmonteverdicore-5.8-1
libotbmonteverdigui-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBMonteverdiGUI
libotbmonteverdigui-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbmonteverdigui-5.8-1
libotbopenthreadsadapters-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBOpenThreadsAdapters
libotbopenthreadsadapters-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbopenthreadsadapters-5.8-1
libotbossimadapters-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBOssimAdapters
libotbossimadapters-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbossimadapters-5.8-1
libotbossimplugins-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBOssimPlugins
libotbossimplugins-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbossimplugins-5.8-1
libotbpolarimetry-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBPolarimetry
libotbpolarimetry-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbpolarimetry-5.8-1
libotbprojection-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBProjection
libotbprojection-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbprojection-5.8-1
libotbqtadapters-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBQtAdapters
libotbqtadapters-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbqtadapters-5.8-1
libotbqtwidget-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBQtWidget
libotbqtwidget-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbqtwidget-5.8-1
libotbrcc8-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBRCC8
libotbrcc8-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbrcc8-5.8-1
libotbsampling-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBSampling
libotbsampling-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbsampling-5.8-1
libotbsiftfast-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBSiftFast
libotbsiftfast-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbsiftfast-5.8-1
libotbstatistics-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBStatistics
libotbstatistics-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbstatistics-5.8-1
libotbstreaming-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBStreaming
libotbstreaming-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbstreaming-5.8-1
libotbsupervised-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBSupervised
libotbsupervised-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbsupervised-5.8-1
libotbtestkernel-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBTestKernel
libotbtestkernel-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbtestkernel-5.8-1
libotbtransform-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBTransform
libotbtransform-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbtransform-5.8-1
libotbvectordatabase-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBVectorDataBase
libotbvectordatabase-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbvectordatabase-5.8-1
libotbvectordataio-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBVectorDataIO
libotbvectordataio-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbvectordataio-5.8-1
libotbwavelet-5.8-1: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBWavelet
libotbwavelet-5.8-1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libotbwavelet-5.8-1
monteverdi: ORFEO Toolbox image processing GUI
monteverdi-dbgsym: debug symbols for package monteverdi
otb-bin: ORFEO Toolbox command line applications
otb-bin-dbgsym: Debug symbols for otb-bin
otb-bin-qt: ORFEO Toolbox graphical user interface applications
otb-bin-qt-dbgsym: debug symbols for package otb-bin-qt
otb-i18n: ORFEO Toolbox translations
otb-testdriver: ORFEO Toolbox library - OTBTestDriver
otb-testdriver-dbgsym: Debug symbols for otb-testdriver
python-otb: ORFEO Toolbox Python API for applications

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Debian GIS Project
Medium Urgency
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The Artful Aardvark (active development)
5.8.0+dfsg-3 release (universe) 2017-04-20
6.0.0+dfsg-2 proposed (universe) 2017-06-22
The Zesty Zapus (current stable release)
5.8.0+dfsg-3 release (universe) 2017-01-22
The Yakkety Yak (supported)
5.6.0+dfsg-1 release (universe) 2016-08-19