tasksel package in Ubuntu

task-albanian-desktop: Albanian desktop
task-amharic: Amharic environment
task-amharic-desktop: Amharic desktop
task-amharic-gnome-desktop: Amharic GNOME desktop
task-amharic-kde-desktop: Amharic KDE Plasma desktop
task-arabic: Arabic environment
task-arabic-desktop: Arabic desktop
task-arabic-kde-desktop: Arabic KDE Plasma desktop
task-asturian: Asturian environment
task-asturian-desktop: Asturian desktop
task-basque: Basque environment
task-basque-desktop: Basque desktop
task-basque-kde-desktop: Basque KDE Plasma desktop
task-belarusian: Belarusian environment
task-belarusian-desktop: Belarusian desktop
task-belarusian-kde-desktop: Belarusian KDE Plasma desktop
task-bengali: Bengali environment
task-bengali-desktop: Bengali desktop
task-bengali-kde-desktop: Bengali KDE Plasma desktop
task-bosnian: Bosnian environment
task-bosnian-desktop: Bosnian desktop
task-bosnian-kde-desktop: Bosnian KDE Plasma desktop
task-brazilian-portuguese: Brazilian Portuguese environment
task-brazilian-portuguese-desktop: Brazilian Portuguese desktop
task-brazilian-portuguese-kde-desktop: Brazilian Portuguese KDE Plasma desktop
task-british-desktop: British English desktop
task-british-kde-desktop: British KDE Plasma desktop
task-bulgarian: Bulgarian environment
task-bulgarian-desktop: Bulgarian desktop
task-bulgarian-kde-desktop: Bulgarian KDE Plasma desktop
task-catalan: Catalan environment
task-catalan-desktop: Catalan desktop
task-catalan-kde-desktop: Catalan KDE Plasma desktop
task-chinese-s: Simplified Chinese environment
task-chinese-s-desktop: Simplified Chinese desktop
task-chinese-s-gnome-desktop: Simplified Chinese GNOME desktop
task-chinese-s-kde-desktop: Simplified Chinese KDE Plasma desktop
task-chinese-t: Traditional Chinese environment
task-chinese-t-desktop: Traditional Chinese desktop
task-chinese-t-gnome-desktop: Traditional Chinese GNOME desktop
task-chinese-t-kde-desktop: Traditional Chinese KDE Plasma desktop
task-cinnamon-desktop: Cinnamon
task-croatian: Croatian environment
task-croatian-desktop: Croatian desktop
task-croatian-kde-desktop: Croatian KDE Plasma desktop
task-cyrillic: Cyrillic environment
task-cyrillic-desktop: Cyrillic desktop
task-cyrillic-kde-desktop: Cyrillic KDE Plasma desktop
task-czech: Czech environment
task-czech-desktop: Czech desktop
task-czech-kde-desktop: Czech KDE Plasma desktop
task-danish: Danish environment
task-danish-desktop: Danish desktop
task-danish-kde-desktop: Danish KDE Plasma desktop
task-desktop: Debian desktop environment
task-dutch: Dutch environment
task-dutch-desktop: Dutch desktop
task-dutch-kde-desktop: Dutch KDE Plasma desktop
task-dzongkha-desktop: Dzongkha desktop
task-dzongkha-kde-desktop: Dzongkha KDE Plasma desktop
task-english: General English environment
task-esperanto: Esperanto environment
task-esperanto-desktop: Esperanto desktop
task-esperanto-kde-desktop: Esperanto KDE Plasma desktop
task-estonian: Estonian environment
task-estonian-desktop: Estonian desktop
task-estonian-kde-desktop: Estonian KDE Plasma desktop
task-finnish: Finnish environment
task-finnish-desktop: Finnish desktop
task-finnish-kde-desktop: Finnish KDE Plasma desktop
task-french: French environment
task-french-desktop: French desktop
task-french-kde-desktop: French KDE Plasma desktop
task-galician: Galician environment
task-galician-desktop: Galician desktop
task-galician-kde-desktop: Galician KDE Plasma desktop
task-georgian-desktop: Georgian desktop
task-german: German environment
task-german-desktop: German desktop
task-german-kde-desktop: German KDE Plasma desktop
task-gnome-desktop: GNOME
task-gnome-flashback-desktop: GNOME Flashback
task-greek: Greek environment
task-greek-desktop: Greek desktop
task-greek-kde-desktop: Greek KDE Plasma desktop
task-gujarati: Gujarati environment
task-gujarati-desktop: Gujarati desktop
task-gujarati-kde-desktop: Gujarati KDE Plasma desktop
task-hebrew: Hebrew environment
task-hebrew-desktop: Hebrew desktop
task-hebrew-gnome-desktop: Hebrew GNOME desktop
task-hebrew-kde-desktop: Hebrew KDE Plasma desktop
task-hindi: Hindi environment
task-hindi-desktop: Hindi desktop
task-hindi-kde-desktop: Hindi KDE Plasma desktop
task-hungarian: Hungarian environment
task-hungarian-desktop: Hungarian desktop
task-hungarian-kde-desktop: Hungarian KDE Plasma desktop
task-icelandic: Icelandic environment
task-icelandic-desktop: Icelandic desktop
task-icelandic-kde-desktop: Icelandic KDE Plasma desktop
task-indonesian-desktop: Indonesian desktop
task-indonesian-kde-desktop: Indonesian KDE Plasma desktop
task-irish: Irish environment
task-irish-desktop: Irish desktop
task-irish-kde-desktop: Irish KDE Plasma desktop
task-italian: Italian environment
task-italian-desktop: Italian desktop
task-italian-kde-desktop: Italian KDE Plasma desktop
task-japanese: Japanese environment
task-japanese-desktop: Japanese desktop
task-japanese-gnome-desktop: Japanese GNOME desktop
task-japanese-kde-desktop: Japanese KDE Plasma desktop
task-kannada-desktop: Kannada desktop
task-kannada-gnome-desktop: Kannada GNOME desktop
task-kannada-kde-desktop: Kannada KDE Plasma desktop
task-kazakh: Kazakh environment
task-kazakh-desktop: Kazakh desktop
task-kazakh-kde-desktop: Kazakh KDE Plasma desktop
task-kde-desktop: KDE Plasma
task-khmer: Khmer environment
task-khmer-desktop: Khmer desktop
task-khmer-kde-desktop: Khmer KDE Plasma desktop
task-korean: Korean environment
task-korean-desktop: Korean desktop
task-korean-gnome-desktop: Korean GNOME desktop
task-korean-kde-desktop: Korean KDE Plasma desktop
task-kurdish: Kurdish environment
task-kurdish-desktop: Kurdish desktop
task-kurdish-kde-desktop: Kurdish KDE Plasma desktop
task-laptop: laptop
task-latvian: Latvian environment
task-latvian-desktop: Latvian desktop
task-latvian-kde-desktop: Latvian KDE Plasma desktop
task-lithuanian: Lithuanian environment
task-lithuanian-desktop: Lithuanian desktop
task-lithuanian-kde-desktop: Lithuanian KDE Plasma desktop
task-lxde-desktop: LXDE
task-lxqt-desktop: LXQt
task-macedonian: Macedonian environment
task-macedonian-desktop: Macedonian desktop
task-macedonian-kde-desktop: Macedonian KDE Plasma desktop
task-malayalam: Malayalam environment
task-malayalam-desktop: Malayalam desktop
task-malayalam-gnome-desktop: Malayalam GNOME desktop
task-malayalam-kde-desktop: Malayalam KDE Plasma desktop
task-marathi: Marathi environment
task-marathi-desktop: Marathi desktop
task-mate-desktop: MATE
task-nepali-desktop: Nepali desktop
task-nepali-kde-desktop: Nepali KDE Plasma desktop
task-northern-sami: Northern Sami environment
task-northern-sami-desktop: Northern Sami desktop
task-norwegian: Norwegian (Bokmaal and Nynorsk) environment
task-norwegian-desktop: Norwegian (Bokmaal and Nynorsk) desktop
task-norwegian-kde-desktop: Norwegian KDE Plasma desktop
task-persian: Persian environment
task-persian-desktop: Persian desktop
task-persian-kde-desktop: Persian KDE Plasma desktop
task-polish: Polish environment
task-polish-desktop: Polish desktop
task-polish-kde-desktop: Polish KDE Plasma desktop
task-portuguese: Portuguese environment
task-portuguese-desktop: Portuguese desktop
task-portuguese-kde-desktop: Portuguese KDE Plasma desktop
task-punjabi: Punjabi environment
task-punjabi-desktop: Punjabi desktop
task-punjabi-kde-desktop: Punjabi KDE Plasma desktop
task-romanian: Romanian environment
task-romanian-desktop: Romanian desktop
task-romanian-kde-desktop: Romanian KDE Plasma desktop
task-russian: Russian environment
task-russian-desktop: Russian desktop
task-russian-kde-desktop: Russian KDE Plasma desktop
task-serbian: Serbian environment
task-serbian-desktop: Serbian desktop
task-serbian-kde-desktop: Serbian KDE Plasma desktop
task-sinhala-desktop: Sinhala desktop
task-sinhala-kde-desktop: Sinhala KDE Plasma desktop
task-slovak: Slovak environment
task-slovak-desktop: Slovak desktop
task-slovak-kde-desktop: Slovak KDE Plasma desktop
task-slovenian: Slovenian environment
task-slovenian-desktop: Slovenian desktop
task-slovenian-kde-desktop: Slovenian KDE Plasma desktop
task-south-african-english-desktop: South African English desktop
task-spanish: Spanish environment
task-spanish-desktop: Spanish desktop
task-spanish-kde-desktop: Spanish KDE Plasma desktop
task-ssh-server: SSH server
task-swedish: Swedish environment
task-swedish-desktop: Swedish desktop
task-swedish-kde-desktop: Swedish KDE Plasma desktop
task-tagalog: Tagalog environment
task-tamil: Tamil environment
task-tamil-desktop: Tamil desktop
task-tamil-gnome-desktop: Tamil GNOME desktop
task-telugu: Telugu environment
task-telugu-desktop: Telugu desktop
task-telugu-gnome-desktop: Telugu GNOME desktop environment
task-telugu-kde-desktop: Telugu KDE Plasma desktop environment
task-thai: Thai environment
task-thai-desktop: Thai desktop
task-thai-gnome-desktop: Thai GNOME desktop
task-thai-kde-desktop: Thai KDE Plasma desktop
task-turkish: Turkish environment
task-turkish-desktop: Turkish desktop
task-turkish-kde-desktop: Turkish KDE Plasma desktop
task-ukrainian: Ukrainian environment
task-ukrainian-desktop: Ukrainian desktop
task-ukrainian-kde-desktop: Ukrainian KDE Plasma desktop
task-uyghur-desktop: Uyghur desktop
task-uyghur-kde-desktop: Uyghur KDE Plasma desktop
task-vietnamese-desktop: Vietnamese desktop
task-vietnamese-kde-desktop: Vietnamese KDE Plasma desktop
task-web-server: web server
task-welsh: Welsh environment
task-welsh-desktop: Welsh desktop
task-xfce-desktop: Xfce
task-xhosa-desktop: Xhosa desktop
task-xhosa-kde-desktop: Xhosa KDE Plasma desktop
tasksel: tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian systems
tasksel-data: official tasks used for installation of Debian systems

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Tool for selecting tasks for installation on Debian system.

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The Mantic Minotaur (active development)
3.68ubuntu2 release (universe)
The Lunar Lobster (current stable release)
3.68ubuntu2 release (universe)
The Kinetic Kudu (current stable release)
3.68ubuntu2 release (universe)
The Jammy Jellyfish (supported)
3.68ubuntu2 release (universe)
The Focal Fossa (supported)
3.34ubuntu16 release (main)
The Bionic Beaver (supported)
3.34ubuntu11 release (main)
The Xenial Xerus (supported)
3.34ubuntu3 release (main)
The Trusty Tahr (supported)
2.88ubuntu15 release (main)