uwsgi package in Ubuntu

libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi: uwsgi proxy module for Apache2 (mod_uwsgi)
libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi-dbg: debugging symbols for Apache2 mod_proxy_uwsgi
libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libapache2-mod-proxy-uwsgi
libapache2-mod-ruwsgi: uwsgi module for Apache2 (mod_Ruwsgi)
libapache2-mod-ruwsgi-dbg: debugging symbols for Apache2 mod_Ruwsgi
libapache2-mod-ruwsgi-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libapache2-mod-ruwsgi
libapache2-mod-uwsgi: uwsgi module for Apache2 (mod_uwsgi)
libapache2-mod-uwsgi-dbg: debugging symbols for Apache2 mod_uwsgi
libapache2-mod-uwsgi-dbgsym: debug symbols for package libapache2-mod-uwsgi
python-uwsgidecorators: module of decorators for elegant access to uWSGI API (Python 2)
python3-uwsgidecorators: module of decorators for elegant access to uWSGI API (Python 3)
uwsgi: fast, self-healing application container server
uwsgi-app-integration-plugins: plugins for integration of uWSGI and application
uwsgi-app-integration-plugins-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-app-integration-plugins
uwsgi-core: fast, self-healing application container server (core)
uwsgi-core-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-core
uwsgi-dbg: debugging symbols for uWSGI server and it's plugins
uwsgi-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi
uwsgi-emperor: fast, self-healing application container server (emperor scripts)
uwsgi-emperor-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-emperor
uwsgi-extra: fast, self-healing application container server (extra files)
uwsgi-infrastructure-plugins: infrastructure plugins for uWSGI
uwsgi-infrastructure-plugins-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-infrastructure-plugins
uwsgi-mongodb-plugins: MongoDB/GridFS plugins for uWSGI
uwsgi-mongodb-plugins-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-mongodb-plugins
uwsgi-plugin-alarm-curl: cURL alarm plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-alarm-curl-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-alarm-curl
uwsgi-plugin-alarm-xmpp: XMPP alarm plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-alarm-xmpp-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-alarm-xmpp
uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python: asyncio plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python
uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python3: asyncio plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python3-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-asyncio-python3
uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron: cron cURL plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-curl-cron
uwsgi-plugin-emperor-pg: Emperor PostgreSQL plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-emperor-pg-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-emperor-pg
uwsgi-plugin-fiber: Fiber plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-fiber-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-fiber
uwsgi-plugin-gccgo: GNU Go plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-gccgo-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-gccgo
uwsgi-plugin-geoip: GeoIP plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-geoip-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-geoip
uwsgi-plugin-gevent-python: gevent plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
uwsgi-plugin-gevent-python-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-gevent-python
uwsgi-plugin-glusterfs: GlusterFS storage plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-glusterfs-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-glusterfs
uwsgi-plugin-graylog2: graylog2 plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-graylog2-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-graylog2
uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python: greenlet plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-greenlet-python
uwsgi-plugin-jvm-openjdk-8: Java plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 8)
uwsgi-plugin-jvm-openjdk-8-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-jvm-openjdk-8
uwsgi-plugin-jwsgi-openjdk-8: JWSGI plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 8)
uwsgi-plugin-jwsgi-openjdk-8-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-jwsgi-openjdk-8
uwsgi-plugin-ldap: LDAP plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-ldap-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-ldap
uwsgi-plugin-lua5.1: Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (Lua 5.1)
uwsgi-plugin-lua5.1-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-lua5.1
uwsgi-plugin-lua5.2: Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (Lua 5.2)
uwsgi-plugin-lua5.2-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-lua5.2
uwsgi-plugin-luajit: Lua WSAPI plugin for uWSGI (LuaJIT)
uwsgi-plugin-luajit-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-luajit
uwsgi-plugin-mono: Mono/ASP.NET plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-mono-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-mono
uwsgi-plugin-php: PHP plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-php-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-php
uwsgi-plugin-psgi: Perl PSGI plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-psgi-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-psgi
uwsgi-plugin-python: WSGI plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
uwsgi-plugin-python-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-python
uwsgi-plugin-python3: WSGI plugin for uWSGI (Python 3)
uwsgi-plugin-python3-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-python3
uwsgi-plugin-rack-ruby2.3: Rack plugin for uWSGI (ruby2.3)
uwsgi-plugin-rack-ruby2.3-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-rack-ruby2.3
uwsgi-plugin-rados: Ceph/RADOS storage plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-rados-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-rados
uwsgi-plugin-rbthreads: Ruby native threads plugin for uWSGI (ruby2.3)
uwsgi-plugin-rbthreads-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-rbthreads
uwsgi-plugin-ring-openjdk-8: Closure/Ring plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 8)
uwsgi-plugin-ring-openjdk-8-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-ring-openjdk-8
uwsgi-plugin-router-access: Access router plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-router-access-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-router-access
uwsgi-plugin-servlet-openjdk-8: JWSGI plugin for uWSGI (OpenJDK 8)
uwsgi-plugin-servlet-openjdk-8-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-servlet-openjdk-8
uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3: SQLite 3 configurations plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-sqlite3
uwsgi-plugin-tornado-python: tornado plugin for uWSGI (Python 2)
uwsgi-plugin-tornado-python-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-tornado-python
uwsgi-plugin-v8: JavaScript V8 plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-v8-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-v8
uwsgi-plugin-xslt: XSLT request plugin for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugin-xslt-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugin-xslt
uwsgi-plugins-all: all available plugins for uWSGI
uwsgi-plugins-all-dbgsym: debug symbols for package uwsgi-plugins-all
uwsgi-src: sources for uWSGI plugins

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2.0.14+20170111-4ubuntu1 release (universe) 2017-04-20
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2.0.14+20170111-4ubuntu1 release (universe) 2017-02-28
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The Vivid Vervet (supported)
2.0.7-1ubuntu2 release (universe) 2015-02-02
The Trusty Tahr (supported) release (universe) 2014-03-23
The Precise Pangolin (supported)
1.0.3+dfsg-1 release (universe) 2012-02-20
1.0.3+dfsg-1ubuntu0.1 updates (universe) 2012-07-24