Packages in parent series 'Stretch' but not in 'Bionic'


Packages that are listed here are those that have been added to the specific packages in parent series 'Stretch' that were used to create Bionic. They are listed here so you can consider including them in Bionic.

76150 of 1109 results
Source Stretch version Parent package-sets Last changed Latest comment
buteo-syncfw-qml (changelog)
buzztard (changelog)
bzr-dbus (changelog)
c-repl (changelog)
calendar-exchange-provider 3.9.0-4 (changelog) 2017-04-10 by Mechtilde Stehmann
california (changelog)
calligra-transitional (changelog)
camera-app (changelog)
cameramonitor (changelog)
camgrab (changelog)
certificatepatrol 2.0.14-5 (changelog) 2017-01-19 by Christoph Biedl
cfitsio3 (changelog)
charm (changelog)
charm-tools (changelog)
checkbox (changelog)
chef-expander (changelog)
chef-server-webui (changelog)
chef-solr (changelog)
chkconfig (changelog)
ciborium (changelog)
cinnamon-bluetooth (changelog)
cipux-cat-web (changelog)
cirkuit (changelog)
civicrm (changelog) 4.7.6+dfsg-1 4.7.6+dfsg-1
click-apparmor (changelog)
click-bin-path (changelog)
click-reviewers-tools (changelog)
click-systemd (changelog)
click-update-manager (changelog)
clickmanager-plugin (changelog)
cloog-ppl-gcc4 (changelog)
cloud-installer (changelog)
cloudfusion (changelog)
cluster-agents (changelog)
cmucl 21a-4 (changelog) 2016-09-04 by Debian Common Lisp Team
cobbler-enlist (changelog)
compactheader 2.1.0-3 (changelog) 2016-04-01 by Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers
compiz-fusion-bcop (changelog)
compizconfig-backend-kconfig (changelog)
conjure (changelog)
conjure-up (changelog)
conkeror 1.0.3+git170123-1 (changelog) 2017-02-02 by Axel Beckert
connectivity-api (changelog)
content-hub (changelog)
coq-float (changelog) 1:8.4-5 1:8.4-5
cordova-ubuntu (changelog)
cordova-ubuntu-tests (changelog)
couchdb (changelog)
cpp-netlib (changelog) 0.11.2+dfsg1-2 0.11.2+dfsg1-2
cramfs (changelog) 1.1-6 1.1-6
cream-melange (changelog)
cross-binutils (changelog) 0.26 0.26
cross-gcc-defaults (changelog) 0.9 0.9
cryptote (changelog)
crystalspace (changelog)
csync-owncloud (changelog)
custom-tab-width 1.1-1 (changelog) 2016-04-07 by dkg
cx-freeze (changelog)
cyassl (changelog)
dactyl 1.2~r20151231-1 (changelog) 2016-01-07 by Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers
darkroom (changelog)
dbus-property-service (changelog)
dcbd (changelog)
dconf-qt (changelog)
debian-design 3.0.7 (changelog) 2017-05-05 by Debian Design Team
debian-edu 1.924 (changelog) 2017-05-08 by Debian Edu Developers
debian-edu-archive-keyring (changelog)
debian-edu-artwork 0.902-3 (changelog) 2017-03-11 by Debian Edu Developers
debian-edu-config 1.929 (changelog) 2017-06-04 by Debian Edu Developers
debian-edu-doc 1.921~20170603+deb9u3 (changelog) 2017-12-09 by Debian Edu Developers
debian-edu-install 1.916 (changelog) 2017-06-08 by Debian Edu Developers
debian-installer-netboot-images 20170615+deb9u2.b1 (changelog) 2017-12-09 by Debian Install System Team
debian-parl 1.9.10 (changelog) 2017-04-17 by DebianParl team
debianbuttons 1.11-3 (changelog) 2016-05-18 by Debian Mozilla Extension Maintainers
76150 of 1109 results