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Provides a simple graphical interface to ufw (Uncomplicated Firewall), for KDE.

The goal here is to provide a KDE front-end to ufw, similar to the GTK/Gnome based gufw.

This applications is in the early planning stages, and only a simple proof of concept ui for the system tray and main configuration window exists. No actual code tied to ufw has been written/integrated at this point.

The file TODO in the archive contains some of the items which need to be addressed (and should be updated as new questions come up).

The program should have minimal python (KDE/Qt) dependencies, in addition to kdesudo (or similar su capable application) and ufw. Any additional dependencies will need to be discussed.

The code must be well documented (as the author believes in heavily documenting everything) and modular. Common sets of functions should be classed and/or split off to a separate python file to ease reuse and importing to other parts of the program.

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