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Upstart 1.9 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2013-06-28

* Apparmor support added by means of two new stanzas: 'apparmor load' and 'apparmor switch' (thanks Marc Deslauriers).
* Stateful re-exec: now serialises all objects, not just the minimum set.
* Allow inherited environment variables to be unset for Session Inits.
* Ability to specify multiple configuration directories when running as a Session Init.
* libupstart: Client library for communicating with Upstart.
* upstart-dbus-bridge: New bridge to allow jobs to react to D-Bus signals.
* The usual round of fixes and doc improvements.

Upstart 1.8 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2013-03-22

* upstart-file-bridge: New bridge to allow jobs to react to
  file, directory and file glob events (create/modify/delete).
* upstart-monitor: Simple cli/gui tool that shows event flows.

upstart 1.7 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2013-03-04

* New initctl commands: set-env, unset-env, get-env, list-env,
  reset-env, list-sessions (all except last with corresponding
  D-Bus methods).
* New D-Bus-only signals EventEmitted, Restarted, and EndSession method.
* Ability to run with PID >1 to allow Upstart to manage a user session.
  Running Upstart as a 'Session Init' in this way provides features
  above and beyond those provided by the original User Jobs such that
  the User Job facility has been removed entirely: to migrate from
  a system using User Jobs, simply ensure the user session is started with
  'init --user'.
* New upstart-event-bridge bridge which proxies system-level events down
  to Session Inits, allowing users jobs to react to udev events.
* Ability to read job configuration and override files from multiple
  freedesktop-compliant locations (Session Init only).
* Ability to shutdown both via a system shutdown request and via a user
  logout request (Session Init only).

upstart 1.6.1 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2012-12-07

* Improved re-exec performance.
* Minor logger fixes for unflushed data.
* Handle re-exec scenario when requested from within a chroot.
* Minor serialisation data format change to handle chroots and
  user sessions.
* Added extra re-exec tests including explicit upgrade tests reading
  from pre-prepared JSON data files.
* Make jobs running within a chroot log their output within the chroot.
* Added "Restart" D-Bus method.
* Changed 'telinit u' to use "Restart" D-Bus method rather than
  sending SIGTERM to play nicely when busybox(1) is init.
* Added "GetState" D-Bus method allowing current serialised internal state
  to be queried.

Upstart 1.6 released

Written for upstart by James Hunt on 2012-11-15

* 'telinit u' now performs a stateful re-exec, allowing
    Upstart to continue to supervise jobs after an upgrade
    of either itself, or any of its dependent libraries.
    Adds dependency on libjson (JSON-C).
* Added initramfs-less boot support.
* Allow tests to work in sbuild environment.
* Improved error handling.
* Fixed crasher if 'kill signal' specified as a particular
* Documentation fixes.

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