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This projects is the home of the new ubuntu automation framework. The main aim is to make automation easy and available for everyone that wants to do testing for Ubuntu.

This project will make all the scattered automation testing projects that the QA team uses currently more modular and scalable, enabling developers and community members to develop their own tests and reproduce bugs using existing tests easy.

We will be improving maintainability and enable multi-phase testing, i.e. tests can run over reboots, enable ARM testing. Also the current test cases need refactoring with reusability in mind, having only one copy of the test cases and allow users to create their own runlists for their own purposes.

Automation is not always feasible but when it is, this project should allow people to submit their tests or execute someone else's easily and seemlessly, on their own machine, they should be able to create a VM and reproduce a problem in seconds.

Flexibility, maintainability and scalability are at the heart of this project, since automation is expensive this is an attempt to minimise those costs going forward. Anyone should be able to create a simple unit test and have this framework to install an image of Ubuntu on a VM or bare metal for them and run their test.

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