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VM 8.1.2 released

Written for VM by Uday Reddy on 2012-03-05

Mainly a bug fix release fixing various compatibility issues. In particular, this version is "forward-compatible", i.e., it can interoperate with future releases of VM. All users of VM 8.1.1 are advised to upgrade to VM 8.1.2 before moving on to 8.2.0. The users of 8.2.0 prereleases need not use this version.

VM 8.2.0b released

Written for VM by Uday Reddy on 2011-12-27

Beta testing release for 8.2.0. All users are encouraged to try it out to iron out any problems before the final release of 8.2.0. A few important additions have been made in this version: deploying the built-in SSL functionality of Emacs (available in Emacs 24), listing folders on IMAP servers and other operations on IMAP servers, creating virtual folders of message threads and an ability to sort messages by delivery-date rather than sent-date. See NEWS file for details. The Help menu now has entries for browsing the VM manual and the NEWS file.

Wanted - Release Manager

Written for VM by Uday Reddy on 2011-05-23

We are looking for a release manage for the 8.2.x branch. This person will need to use the release branch in their daily use, monitor bug reports and port bug fixes from the trunk to the release branch. Please write to the VM development team at vm@launchpad.net.

VM 8.2.0a released

Written for VM by Uday Reddy on 2011-05-19

Final alpha testing release for 8.2.0. This release incorporates over 100 bug fixes of various kinds. The customize interface has been cleaned up (thanks to Tim Cross). The build scripts have been revised to use the standard installation conventions and install the doc files. New features include plain-text forwarding of messages, point-to-point and drag-n-drop attachment operations, improvements to virtual folders, and verbosity control for VM's progress messages. See the NEWS file for full details.

Development snapshot 8.1.93a

Written for VM by Uday Reddy on 2010-08-28

Third development snapshot in the run-up to 8.2.0. It adds improved thread management, thread-folding, sorting of threads and thread-level operations.

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