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The current development site for the community development of VM.

VM is a mail reader that runs under XEmacs and GNU Emacs. It was written as an alternative to the Emacs RMAIL mail reader by Kyle Jones. VM is highly configurable and easy to use. It supports POP and IMAP mail servers, understands MIME, and handles mail folders in the standard UNIX mailbox format and the BABYL format used by the RMAIL mailer. It has a powerful virtual folder facility to facilitate searching as well as more advanced handling of multiple mail folders. This site exists to continue VM development after version 7.19 as a community project.

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Latest version is 8.2.0b

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  • VM 8.1.2 released on 2012-03-05
    Mainly a bug fix release fixing various compatibility issues. In particular, ...
  • VM 8.2.0b released on 2011-12-27
    Beta testing release for 8.2.0. All users are encouraged to try it out to iro...
  • Wanted - Release Manager on 2011-05-23
    We are looking for a release manage for the 8.2.x branch. This person will n...
  • VM 8.2.0a released on 2011-05-19
    Final alpha testing release for 8.2.0. This release incorporates over 100 bug...
  • Development snapshot 8.1.93a on 2010-08-28
    Third development snapshot in the run-up to 8.2.0. It adds improved thread m...