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WACS creates a adult web site environment with many best-of-breed features including model catalogs, attribute-based searches, latest additions highlighting, photographer catalogs and automatic downloads. You can use WACS to build a commercial porn web site or to manage a personal collection. It includes a full user environment, collection management toolset, programming API and a customizable sample website template. Visit our demonstration web site at (WARNING: Adult Content) to see WACS in action.

WACS is a suite of programs which manage photo sets and video clips of an adult nature (or whatever word for porn you care to use). It runs on a Linux/Unix server and creates a personalized adult web server in which to store, preuse and catalogue a personal collection of adult material. It's many features include model catalogues, attribute-based searching, randomised highlights, new additions lists and a flexible bookmark mechanism similar to those seen at the best-of-breed subscription web sites. It also includes the ability to automatically monitor and download sets by favourite models from subscription web sites. It consists of over 40,000 lines of perl and uses a choice of industry standard databases such as MySQL or Oracle as the back end. It also includes an API in perl and PHP which can be used to develop your own custom adult web sites.

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1.0 series is the current focus of development.

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