Registered 2009-06-16 by Steve Dodier-Lazaro

This daemon is responsible of making the volume up/down and mute keys of the keyboard work automatically, and uses the Xfce 4 mixer's defined card and track for chosing which track to act on. It also provides volume change / mute toggle notifications if the notification server used supports x-canonical-icon-only and x-canonical-synchronous notifications.

*XVD is no longer maintained* It relies on libkeybinder and gst-0.10, both of which are superseded, and it needs to integrate a longstand PulseAudio support patch. I will, eventually, rewrite xvd with libxfce4utils instead of libkeybinder and gst1.0 instead of gst-0.10. If you want to contribute to Xfce by fixing an old but useful piece of code, get in touch with me!

Source code:
Translations: not needed
Bug tracker: here, albeit note XVD is unmaintained

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