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Xpad is a sticky note application for jotting down things to remember.

If you are interested in helping out with the design, development, testing of Xpad, please join the development team ( and its mailing list. We can use all the help!

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Xpad trunk series is the current focus of development

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Latest version is 4.5
released on 2014-12-29

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  • Xpad 4.5.0 released on 2014-12-29
    User friendliness is the focus of improvements of this release. Any feedback...
  • Xpad v4.4 released on 2014-11-22
    This version has mainly bug fixes and preparation work for new features. If y...
  • Xpad V4.3 released on 2014-06-21
    A half year later, a new version of Xpad has been released: V4.3 !! Xpad has...
  • Version 4.2 release on 2013-10-24
    It has been two years since the last release. Nevertheless, Xpad remains a ni...
  • Version 4.1 released on 2011-11-14
    Version 4.1 * Undo/Redo for xpad and bug-fixes. Feature by Sergei Riaguzov * ...