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With switch to containerized undercloud, the undercloud deployment on a baremetal host via instack-undercloud was deprecated as part of Rocky. During Stein we wish to remove the usage within tripleo of the instack-undercloud project and possibly retire it.
As we look to the future, we will need to add support to use dnf rather than yum like we do today. This is important for adding temporary support for Fedora (for python3) and future versions of CentOS.
Puppet 4 is quickly approaching EoL and as we target newer versions of the base OS, we'll need to address the puppet version we currently consume. Puppet 5 is for the most part a drop in update to Puppet 4 and should not require any major updates. Upon initial testing with puppet 5 on fedora 28 with the existing cod...
All-In-One installer for tripleo
We had the discussion for the first time as a community during the PTG in Dublin. The idea is to provide a "single" (or small count) node installer for TripleO. A kind of a "Packstack" replacement... but not a parity replacement. Just a similar idea which would support containers. Benefits: * composable services (a...

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