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A unit using a healing weapon (a weapon set with negative damage) calls several hardcoded functions. One of these is to give the medic a "guard" function that replaces the deploy function. This overrides Deployer=yes, preventing deploying of the infantry both through clicking on a selected one and the deploy hotkey...
Fake= for Ares
This is another tag from RA1 that not works on YR. It should show FAKE text on building when selected. Also should show a different name to enemies, different name to allies/owner. [FABRCK] UIName=Name:FABRCK Name= Fake Yuri Barracks Fake=yes Fake.Name=Name:Ybarracks Spyable=yes SpyEffect.Custom=yes SpyEffect.ShowF...
Linked to Issue 265 (creation of additional Prerequisite Groups) Would be nice if the Prerequisite Groups (PrerequisitePower=, etc) could take any BuildingType or VehicleType (any unit type would be better but VehicleTypes are the most important because you can have a vehicle that deploys into a building and are co...
or something similar. Maybe just a general tag 'hijackerscanexit=[bool]' that could be used on individual units aswell as an override.

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