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Globally allow units to flash when getting promoted to veteran. [AudioVisual]VeteranFlashTimer= (integer - frames, defaults to 0) The number of frames a newly veteran unit or structure will flash for. Promotion sounds for each type: [TechnoType]Promote.VeteranSound= (sound, defaults to [AudioVisual]UpgradeVeteranSo...
This is a partial Bounty imlementation, which can be expanded later if required. [TechnoType]Bounty.Value= (integer, defaults to 0) [TechnoType]Bounty.RookieValue= (integer, defaults to 0) [TechnoType]Bounty.VeteranValue= (integer, defaults to 0) [TechnoType]Bounty.EliteValue= (integer, defaults to 0) The amount re...
[TechnoType]EnemyUIName= (csf string) Optional name used for enemy technos. Observers and allies get the real name, enemies see this one, if set.
or something similar. Maybe just a general tag 'hijackerscanexit=[bool]' that could be used on individual units aswell as an override.

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