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Allow warheads to temporarily change the lighting when they impact. Currently this seems to be hardcoded to only happen with the [Nuke] warhead.
M.A.D Tank Logic for Ares
Basicly in Red alert 1 Aftermath you had this unit and unlike normal approach to damage calculation, it rather defines percentage of damage to every target type as it rather counts it from their hitpoints stats in direct reduce. if Tank is 500 hitpoints and we had 50% vs it, it would be left with 250 hitpoints while...
Back in Ra1 units that were struck by Tesla lightning flashed. This could be reproduced by adding a tag similar to "ClickFlash=y/n" on the warhead. Basically this makes it, when it gets hit by the warhead, flash like when you target a unit. For added customisability you could even add "FlashColour=RGB" and "FlashFr...
I like that the Sonar Pulse was added as a superweapon, but I think it'd be nice to also have it as a warhead effect. This could be used for creating a deploy attack for subs that acts as an actual sonar, rather than having sensors on subs. Could create some pretty interesting naval battles with it. Would also be n...
Giving KillDriver logic to have a chance to kill the driver. Example: [Warhead]KillDriver.Chance=25% The invoker of this warhead have a 25% chance to kill enemy driver. Requires KillDriver=yes

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