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Drop Pod Trailer for Ares
[General]DropPodTrailer= (Animation): The animation used as smoke trailer for drop pods. Defaults to SMOKEY. The animation is retrieved only once, not once for each drop pod every six frames. The smoke trailer is created even if the drop pod does not have a [General]DropPodWeapon attached. If the weapon used in [G...
Aircraft Smoke for Ares
When aircraft smoke because of heavy damage, the animation is hardcoded, but still looked up every time. When an aircraft is destroyed, it creates many smoke animations. This fix gets rid of the lookup. Additionally, it makes the smoke customizable per AircraftType. [AircraftType]Smoke.Anim= (animation type, defaul...
To be able to recreate the Splits logic from Firestorm completely, ProjectileRange and Ranged have to be re-enabled. This proposal is to support both tags on Techno-fired projectiles only. Super Weapons, Parasite special logic, and Shrapnels are not related to Splits, so they can be spared out for now. [Weapon]Pro...
Making the graphics of the score screens customizable per side.
Adding a Hunter Seeker type SW known from Tiberian Sun. See the link for a full description.

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