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[TechnoType]Passengers.Allowed= (list of TechnoTypes) The list of allowed passenger types. If this contains at least one type, all other types are not allowed to enter this object. Only supported on VehicleTypes and AircraftTypes. If you want to prevent all units from entering, set this to either a dummy unit or a B...
In Dune 2000 Ordos Saboteurs can enter buildings. Destroys building and unlike RA2 C4's himself too. I wanna use this on Cuban Terrorists. Also D2K Saboteurs have a timed cloaking feature. [InfantryType] Saboteur=yes,no ;Is this unit a Saboteur. Cloak.ChargeTime= ;Time before Saboteur can start cloak. Cloak.Decharg...
This feature makes it possible to distinguish between solid buildings a warhead cannot shoot through and solid buildings a warhead should try to shoot through, first destroying the building and then the real target behind it. Only enemy buildings' solidity will be considered. Units will not try to fire through allie...
This amends the CrushDamage feature. [TechnoType]CrushDamage.Warhead= (WarheadType, defaults to [General]C4Warhead) The warhead used to deal damage if this unit is crushed.
Restore DamageDelay for trivial structure damage in low power situations. That's the feature where your buildings rot away slowly. Global options for DamageDelay [General]Degrade.Enabled= (bool, defaults to no) Whether structures are damaged in intervals defined by DamageDelay when a player has low power. [General...

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