Muhammad Fauzilkamil Bin Zainuddin is known by his fellow friends as ApOgEE and also known as JeRuNgKuN.

ApOgEE a.k.a JeRuNgKuN is a Malaysian guy. Born on 20th February 1979 in Kg. Sekolah Sg. Selisek, Kuala Kubu Bharu, Selangor. Now he live with his cute lovely wife in Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

ApOgEE graduated in UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) Franchise College called Entrepreneurs Development Institute, with a Diploma in Computer Science. He currently continues his education as Part Time Student on Bachelor of Science (Computer) in UTM (Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) at Jalan Semarak, Kuala Lumpur.

As for today, ApOgEE is working as Software Engineer for a Wireless Broadband Company here in Malaysia. And also a part time Blogger. He created a blog called Art Of ApOgEE at for passion and love of art and design. On the other side of his blogging, he also blog about coding, programming, scripting and computer science on his blog called Coder's Talk at which he mumbling around computing and coding stuff. As you can see, ApOgEE also love music. That's why he created Reggae And SKA Blog at for reggae and SKA music that he hear most.

Computing is more like his living need. His hand will vibrates if he didn't see computer in a day (that's a true lies... hahahaha)... No no.. I mean, he really into computing and enjoy the fun of it. Well, that's it about ApOgEE... leave comments on his blog, and he will get back to you then. Unless you didn't leave any footprints.

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