We are developing and packaging a free audio-recorder for Linux.

This amazing program allows you to record your favourite music and audio to a file. It can record audio from your system's soundcard, microphones, browsers, webcams & more. Put simply; if it plays out of your loudspeakers you can record it.

It has an advanced timer that can:
* Start, stop or pause recording at a given clock time.
* Start, stop or pause after a time period.
* Stop when the recorded file size exceeds a limit.
* Start recording on voice or sound (user can set the audio threshold).
* Stop or pause recording on "silence" (user can set the audio threshold and delay).

The recording can be atomatically controlled by MPRIS2-compatible media players.
Ref: http://specifications.freedesktop.org/mpris-spec/latest/ (MPRIS2 spec).

Skype. It can also record all your Skype calls without any user interaction.

This program supports several audio (output) formats such as OGG audio, Flac, MP3 and WAV.

This allows you to select a recording device; microphone, webcam, audio card output (loudspeakers), etc.

Please read the README and INSTALL files before compilation.

Ready-made packages for Ubuntu 15.10 (and later versions) will be available from:

Ready-made packages for Ubuntu 15.04 (and earlier versions) come from:
Notice: This repository will not be updated after April 2015 (after Ubuntu 15.04).

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