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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
umockdev Ubuntu Bionic 0.11.1-1ubuntu0.1 2020-08-07 None
umockdev Ubuntu Focal 0.14.1-1ubuntu0.1 2020-08-07 None
umockdev Ubuntu Groovy 0.14.2-1ubuntu1 2020-08-07 None
software-properties Ubuntu Groovy 0.99.2 2020-08-07 None
rpcbind Ubuntu Bionic 0.2.3-0.6ubuntu0.18.04.1 2020-08-04 None
probert Ubuntu Focal 0.0.18build1 2020-08-04 None
qemu Ubuntu Bionic 1:2.11+dfsg-1ubuntu7.29 2020-07-14 None
systemd Ubuntu Bionic 237-3ubuntu10.42 2020-07-08 None
systemd Ubuntu Focal 245.4-4ubuntu3.2 2020-07-07 None
knot Ubuntu Bionic 2.6.5-3ubuntu0.1 2020-07-04 None
knot Ubuntu Focal 2.7.8-1ubuntu0.1 2020-07-04 None
knot Ubuntu Groovy 2.9.5-1ubuntu1 2020-07-04 None
getdns Ubuntu Groovy 1.5.2-4ubuntu1 2020-07-03 None
hddemux Ubuntu Groovy 0.4-7ubuntu2 2020-07-02 None
knot-resolver Ubuntu Groovy 5.1.1-0.1ubuntu1 2020-07-02 None
quassel Ubuntu Bionic 1:0.12.4-3ubuntu1.18.04.2 2020-06-30 None
quassel Ubuntu Focal 1:0.13.1-3ubuntu2.1 2020-06-30 None
quassel Ubuntu Groovy 1:0.13.1-3ubuntu3 2020-06-30 None
systemd Ubuntu Eoan 242-7ubuntu3.9 2020-05-13 None
pacemaker Ubuntu Xenial 1.1.14-2ubuntu1.8 2020-05-09 None
vlan Ubuntu Eoan 2.0.4ubuntu1.19.10.1 2020-05-06 None
vlan Ubuntu Focal 2.0.4ubuntu1.20.04.1 2020-05-06 None
vlan Ubuntu Groovy 2.0.4ubuntu2 2020-05-06 None
network-manager Ubuntu Groovy 1.22.10-1ubuntu3 2020-04-30 None
systemd Ubuntu Xenial 229-4ubuntu21.28 2020-04-20 None
rabbitmq-server Ubuntu Bionic 3.6.10-1ubuntu0.1 2020-04-03 None
python-keyring Ubuntu Eoan 18.0.1-1ubuntu1 2020-03-14 None
python-keyring Ubuntu Focal 18.0.1-2ubuntu1 2020-03-14 None
makedumpfile Ubuntu Focal 1:1.6.7-1ubuntu1 2020-03-13 None
ubuntu-dev-tools Ubuntu Focal 0.175ubuntu1 2020-02-20 None
knot-resolver Ubuntu Eoan 3.2.1-3ubuntu0.19.10.1 2020-02-04 None
knot-resolver Ubuntu Focal 3.2.1-3ubuntu2 2020-02-04 None
network-manager Ubuntu Eoan 1.20.4-2ubuntu2.2 2020-01-30 None
qemu Ubuntu Eoan 1:4.0+dfsg-0ubuntu9.3 2020-01-22 None
tomcat-native Ubuntu Bionic 1.2.21-1~18.04.1build1 2019-12-12 None
network-manager Ubuntu Xenial 1.2.6-0ubuntu0.16.04.4 2019-12-06 None
network-manager Ubuntu Bionic 1.10.6-2ubuntu1.3 2019-12-06 None
network-manager Ubuntu Disco 1.16.0-0ubuntu2.1 2019-12-06 None
network-manager Ubuntu Focal 1.20.4-2ubuntu3 2019-12-06 None
cachefilesd Ubuntu Bionic 0.10.10-0.1ubuntu0.18.04.1 2019-11-26 None
cachefilesd Ubuntu Disco 0.10.10-0.1ubuntu0.19.04.1 2019-11-26 None
cachefilesd Ubuntu Eoan 0.10.10-0.2ubuntu0.19.10.1 2019-11-26 None
cachefilesd Ubuntu Focal 0.10.10-0.2ubuntu1 2019-11-26 None
systemd Ubuntu Disco 240-6ubuntu5.8 2019-11-01 None
sylpheed Ubuntu Bionic 3.5.1-1ubuntu3.18.04.1 2019-10-08 None
sylpheed Ubuntu Disco 3.5.1-1ubuntu3.19.04.1 2019-10-08 None
sylpheed Ubuntu Eoan 3.5.1-1ubuntu5 2019-10-08 None
autopkgtest Ubuntu Xenial 3.20.4ubuntu1.1 2019-09-27 None
autopkgtest Ubuntu Bionic 5.3.1ubuntu1 2019-09-27 None
autopkgtest Ubuntu Disco 5.10ubuntu1.1 2019-09-27 None
autopkgtest Ubuntu Eoan 5.10ubuntu2 2019-09-27 None
bluez Ubuntu Bionic 5.48-0ubuntu3.2 2019-09-10 None
bluez Ubuntu Disco 5.50-0ubuntu2.1 2019-09-10 None
bluez Ubuntu Eoan 5.50-0ubuntu4 2019-09-10 None
dpkg Ubuntu Bionic 2019-09-06 None
dpkg Ubuntu Disco 1.19.6ubuntu1.2 2019-09-06 None
dpkg Ubuntu Eoan 1.19.7ubuntu2 2019-09-06 None
sudo Ubuntu Eoan 1.8.27-1ubuntu2 2019-06-19 None
ubuntu-release-upgrader Ubuntu Bionic 1:18.04.34 2019-06-19 None
ubuntu-release-upgrader Ubuntu Cosmic 1: 2019-06-19 None
ubuntu-release-upgrader Ubuntu Disco 1: 2019-06-19 None
newlib Ubuntu Bionic 2019-06-04 None
systemd Ubuntu Cosmic 239-7ubuntu10.14 2019-05-30 None
qemu Ubuntu Xenial 1:2.5+dfsg-5ubuntu10.40 2019-05-16 None
mariadb-10.1 Ubuntu Cosmic 1:10.1.38-0ubuntu0.18.10.2 2019-04-30 None
knockd Ubuntu Bionic 0.7-1ubuntu1.18.04.2 2019-04-24 None
knockd Ubuntu Cosmic 0.7-1ubuntu1.18.10.2 2019-04-24 None
knockd Ubuntu Disco 0.7-1ubuntu2.1 2019-04-24 None
knockd Ubuntu Eoan 0.7-1ubuntu3 2019-04-24 None
mariadb-10.1 Ubuntu Bionic 1:10.1.38-0ubuntu0.18.04.2 2019-04-12 None
ureadahead Ubuntu Xenial 0.100.0-19.1 2019-04-10 None
ureadahead Ubuntu Bionic 0.100.0-21 2019-04-09 None
plymouth Ubuntu Bionic 0.9.3-1ubuntu7.18.04.2 2019-04-04 None
resolvconf Ubuntu Bionic 1.79ubuntu10.18.04.3 2019-03-15 None
resolvconf Ubuntu Cosmic 1.79ubuntu10.18.10.3 2019-03-15 None
175 of 131 results