Hello, I'm a software developer from southern part of Sweden. My special interest is in music/audio software. I also enjoy playing the piano.
I've been working for Canonical since mid 2010, with hardware enablement and audio infrastructure.

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Did I forget your bug? If I once have answered to a bug, asked for more information etc, I try to follow them through. Sometimes however I get caught up with more important bugs (e g the bug affects a lot of people, or something Canonical wants to certify), I could be on travel or vacation, and occasionally, I forget. So, if I have not responded back to you within roughly 2-3 weeks, feel free to try to contact me, e g through the "Contact this user" form.

I wish we in the Ubuntu Audio Developer's team had time to deal with all audio bugs, unfortunately we don't. If you want to help us out, please contact any one of us in the Ubuntu Audio Developer's team and we'll try to mentor you. Thanks!

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