John Garbutt

Principle Engineer at Rackspace
Based near Cambridge, UK

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Feature Classification for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Complete the work started here:
Move xenapi_ipxe_boot_menu_url from a Nova config option to image metadata. This will allow for users to specify custom ipxe urls directly on their image when they register new images instead of having to rely on a single configuration option.
Allow download raw VHDs to XenServer for OpenStack Compute (nova)
When users upload VHDs to glance, its nice not to only support OVA wrapped VHDs. This blueprint looks to ensure: * we check glance says its OVF or OVA before attempting to extract the image * if there is no container_format or it is BARE, then we try to download the VHD directly For the implementation, we will use...
Currently live-migrate errors are not recorded, so its hard to see what has happened in the past. This blueprint looks to add instance actions for the live-migrate issues. Importantly: * record when a live-migrate starts * record when a live-migrate succeeds * record when the live-migrate checks fail, or the live-m...
XenAPI support for vif hotplug for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Support for hotpluging virtual network cards into instances has already been implemented in the libvirt driver: The plan is to add the same support into the XenAPI driver.

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