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[GOAL] Complete past work items. Develop new work items based off feedback. Have future user feedback polls state contributing to Charms was straightforward and pleasant. [RATIONALE] We need to make it easy for new contributors to learn about Juju, understand Juju, get set up with Juju, and contribute to Juju cha...
[GOAL] Provide training and expertise on Juju technologies at physically at conferences/events, and virtually via charms schools/webinars. [RATIONALE] People need education on what Juju can do for them to solve their production and development problems.
We have two primarily goals to accomplish in this cycle: 1. Evaluate the on-ramp, documentation, and resources for creating JuJu charms, ensure those resources are in place and generate community interest and participation in growing this community of charmers. 2. Coordinate a design reboot of cloud.ubuntu.co...
Debian Healthcheck for Ubuntu
Our usual assessment of Debian/Ubuntu relations.

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