salvete, amici! Hello and welcome!

loquerisne linguā latinā?

[[PAGE UNDER CONSTRUCTION, PLEASE EMAIL IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS. We will be setting up shortly - but will most DEFINITELY need to keep in contact through this team's e-mail address below. Membership is dependent upon being subscribed to it. Latin is a complex language and very easy for anyone to make mistakes on. ]]

This is to be Launchpad's official latin translation team: this comes with the usual perks and responsibilities of wider access to packages for translation. The ubuntu team is also being renewed (, which will allow Latin to reach ubuntu and spread into the 21st century!
The old team leader's guides are pretty useful and i'll be perusing them shortly to see if they're still useful - once this page is finalised, we'll have a set of nice, neat guides.)

Latin translations have got a LONG way to go (the road ahead is daunting!) but slowly but surely, we have a chance to make history here. ;)

To discuss upon recruitment:

* Modern vocabulary and coming up with new words/phrases - the romans didn't have computers! lol
* "What's the best way to say this?"
* Macrons - yes or no? I vote yes, but this requires additional spell-checking. They're vital to conveying the correct case. (i.e. lingua vs linguā) but perhaps we can ignore them if it's really obvious. A problem perhaps limited to sentences simultaneously using 1st declension nouns in nominative and ablative cases?
*I think it best we try to stick to "Classical latin" in an 'oxford latin dictionary' style. This means we use number 3 from here ( and avoid full-stopped block capitals throughout (as in 1) and also avoid non-macron accents (e.g. ú), whilst using capital letters for names of programs and other 'proper nouns'. ((As i mentioned above, the macrons themselves are not necessarily ALWAYS vital.
*** Let's say "use them if you like and definitely use them if it isn't clear which case your nouns are in".

Link to Launchpad Translation teams and all packages under our care:

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