Heya. I'm just a guy who likes free software and uses it near-exclusively. I am the maintainer for the AllTray project (located here on Launchpad), and I test new releases of Ubuntu when I can. I can be found on a handful of sites such as Identi.ca and Twitter, of course here, Wikipedia, Stack Overflow... and I'm sure others. More detailed information about me can be found on my blog.

I don't mind discussion, debates, random emails. If it's about AllTray (such as a bug or a question), please use the project resources here on Lauchpad, though.

And if it's about Mono, unless you're *really* sure it's something that I want to discuss (like a package I put together), it's best to just not. I've pretty much had it with trying to reply to all the FUD out there, and I don't know how others can manage to keep up with it. All I'll say on that is that it saddens me greatly to see this wonderful free software thing that we've built start to do the very things that we have begged companies like Microsoft to stop with.

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