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The current Mogan implementation only supports pre-set configuration servers. For custom servers, Mogan should to be able to compose bare metal through integration with Valence that leverages the Redfish API to compose nodes using disaggregated resources.
Add Ironic Shellinabox HTTP proxy for OpenStack Compute (nova)
Currently, Ironic use shellinabox to provide a web serial console, but it's not compatible with nova serial console, to fill the gap, this BP proposes to add a custom HTTP proxy and a new serial console type 'shellinabox', then when get_serial_console with shellinabox console type, the base url will be the new added...
Ironic will support "tags" field stored in metadata for every node. The same tags will be stored in extra metadata for Nova flavor, so that every flavor can be bound to some group of nodes. To achieve this: * Ironic API should allow listing nodes by tag * Scheduler should allow deploying on nodes with tag, fetched f...

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