The Odoo Drivers are a group of experienced Odoo users and contributors, who are aware of the strategy of the product development, and are allowed to have extended access to the bugs and blueprints.
Among other things, they can:
 - confirm new bug reports they consider correct
 - assign milestones and change priorities on bugs to raise the attention of the R&D team
 - manage blueprints and their milestones

The above is a shortlist of the rights but also duties of all Odoo drivers. Because they play a very important role for the Odoo community as a whole, they have to exert their power wisely and fairly. As goes the saying: with great power must also come -- great responsibility!

The selection of Odoo drivers is done based on the applications coming from members of the community, when the applicant is able to prove that (s)he possesses sufficient knowledge and experience. The Launchpad karma can be used as a hint during the selection, but it is neither necessary nor sufficient to be accepted in the team.

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