I am a user, promoter, and support giver currently. I also did a lot of the initial packaging for KompoZer in Ubuntu, although that's now maintained upstream in Debian.
I recently graduated from Metropolitan State University with a degree in Computer Forensics, adding to a Computer Networking degree from Saint Paul College, both in Saint Paul, Minnesota (USA).
I also have done a fair bit of webmastering, mostly personal and volunteer, including such things as a Boy Scout Troop, Venture Crew, the Concurrent Education Students' Association, St. Michael's Lutheran Church (ELCA), and now for Senator John Marty, who I also manage databases and e-mail for. My current paid job is working as a technical support at a co-op of school districts, providing technical services to the K-12 education sector in Minnesota.

Greatest accomplishment: Becoming an Eagle Scout (2002)

Linux mission statement: I hope to raise awareness of FOSS alternatives among Windows users, encourage them to try them, and be a effective and considerate resource to go to for support during migration.

Note: If you have stumbled across OpenPGP keys of ID 2C32D771 or 1C948BF4, they are mine, but now obsolete. Please use the one listed below instead.

More information on my wiki page.

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