I'm a freelance webdeveloper, GNU/Linux sysadmin and also amateur photographer. Longtime Debian user, familliar also with Fedora and Ubuntu.
I participate in the Bulgarian GNOME translation team and have been a leader of the KDE translation team in the past for a year or so. I'm KDE translation team leader again since 04.09.
My interests include also philosophy (I'm a M.Sc. in philosophy), rock music, web 2.0 and raising my two little sons. :)
More about me — at my homepage "Arcane lore" (http://yasen.lindeas.com). Written mostly in Bulgarian, but I hope one day I'll catch up with all the English translations :)

blog — http://yasen.lindeas.com
photolog — http://ltdfocus.com
my claimID — http://claimid.com/yasen

I'm also the webmaster and developer of projects, related to free software and free culture:

http://urbanstyle.org — Bulgarian online CreativeCommons photo community
http://svobodnaplaneta.com — Free Bulgarian planet
http://electriclub.com — Bulgarian Electric Vehicles club
http://novo20.com — News about free software and free culture from prominent Bulgarian bloggers
http://lindeas.com — Home of projects working on GNU/Linux ideas

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