Ares 0.E has been released

Written for Ares by AlexB on 2017-09-14

Tunnel Networks known from Generals have been added, which allow several entrance buildings to share their contained units. Every entrance can be used to eject these units, allowing for quick and sneaky troop movements even between places that aren't connected by passable terrain, as well as for fast responses in case of an attack.

Gunner units like Infantry Fighting Vehicles have been somewhat expanded. With this release they support more than 18 modes, and each of these modes can have separate normal and elite weapons, tool tip names and even a distinct appearance with custom turrets and barrels. Also, an alternative way to define such modes has been added, which makes it easy to do more with fewer tags to set.

Kill Driver warheads are now applied like conventional damage, which means it finally supports CellSpread, so neutron shells as known from Generals are now possible. A new chance can be set to not kill the driver on every hit as well.

Warheads can be defined to have MAD Tank style damage delivery, which doesn't deal a fixed amount of damage, but instead uses a share of the targetet unit's or structure's current or maximum health.

In addition, more warhead effects have been added: Sonar temporarily prevents targeted units from cloaking, the target's weapons can be disabled for some amount of time, and another setting lets the target flash for no obvious reason as if it was being repaired. The bright flash when a nuclear missile detonates can also be optionally enabled for other warheads, or turned off for the nuke.

There are several new minor features like a sabotage effect for spies, a way to stop infantry from crushing tanks when chronoshifted or to protect certain vehicles from being crushed by chronoshifting units. Half a dozen new veteran abilities have been included to, for example, make elite units immune to radiation, poison, mind-control, or Kill Driver. And as if this wasn't enough already: the game's movies list can now be customized with more unlockable movies.

As always, more effort went into reworking existing features and improving performance, which should be noticable under heavy load. That's it for now, but there's more to come soon.


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