Ares 2.0 has been released

Written for Ares by AlexB on 2018-09-14

Converting unit types is now supported when deploying a vehicle, when units or infantry are promoted, or when they move from land to water or vice versa. That means helicopters deploying into movable tanks is now possible, as well as changing image, turret and weapons by deploying. This also means more than two veterancy levels can be imitated.

A lot of minor details have been added to earlier features, like more spy effects, warhead effect settings, and many more. The AISafeDistance has been split into two to customize the case to gather at the friendly base; likewise AffectsAllies has been split to customize when hitting the firing player. Insignia frames can now be customized by veterancy level, FactoryOwners.HaveAllPlans has been expanded to work with building upgrades. Also waves can finally look like in the original game agin, with an optional intensity setting to customize them further.

But there are also several new settings to fully customize build times per type, and animations can deliver damage by using weapons instead of warheads. There's many many more small features to try out.

Have fun with Ares 2.0!


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