Ares 3.0 finally available

Written for Ares by AlexB on 2020-12-08

After a too long and memorable time, Ares 3.0 has been released to the public.

Super weapons have been expanded greatly, with many new options to limit them to human or AI players, to limit the number of shots, to fire them according to AI targeting rules but on the owning player's command and many more.

Also, mission making has received some attention, and sets of new Trigger Actions and Events as well as Team Scripts have been added that relate to new Ares features. It is now possible to trigger actions when drivers are killed or a certain house still has or doesn't have a certain number of specific units or structures. Teams can now be set to have their drivers killed and become capturable, to go on a recovery mission for such units, and some more.

Specific units can be set to keep players alive during short game matches, and some structures can be made not to count when determining whether a player has been defeated - allowing for shorter short games by excluding support buildings or to accept heros to prolong the match. This condition can also be queried via Trigger Events.

Harverster and Refinery settings that are now customizable per type as well as some weapon and warhead additions like culling settings round off this release, together with a bunch of bugfixes for both Ares and original game bugs.

Have fun with Ares 3.0! But more importantly, stay safe and healthy!


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