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A cross-platform media indexing/search tool.

Basenji is an indexing and search tool designed for easy and fast indexing of media collections.
Once indexed, removable media such as CDs and USB sticks can be browsed and searched
for specific files very quickly, without actually being connected to the computer.
Besides file hierarchies and audio track listings, Basenji also presents extracted metadata
(image dimensions, mp3 tags etc.) and content previews of indexed media in a clean and
straightforward user interface.

Basenji has been developed with platform independency in mind right from the start and
presently consists of a GTK+ GUI frontend and a reusable library backend (VolumeDB) that
implements the actual indexing, searching and storage logic.

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Patrick Ulbrich
Patrick Ulbrich

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Latest version is 1.0.1

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  • Basenji 0.8 released! on 2011-04-25
    What's new: * Added support for network drives and mountpoints * Added option...
  • Daily PPA available! on 2010-10-04
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  • Basenji 0.7 released! on 2010-08-07
    New features / fixes: * Added search presets to volume and item searchentrie...
  • Basenji 0.6 released! on 2010-04-20
    Most important features of this release: * Added support for audio cds. Yay!...
  • Call for translations! on 2010-04-12
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