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A physical object (books) swaping system.
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Our Library project is to create an online index which could make possible to : retrieve informations about registered documents, know where documents are physically based and if you can loan it, register an account & create your own Library DataBase and share it with other users.

Our desire is to provide a private Libraries Network (and in a second time Institutions Network, in a P2P & IRL spirit), a Library of Libraries ("meta-libraries"), physically based (shelfs). We don't want to provide downloadable documents.

That's why our project is named "Self Shelf Swap". It's first implementation will be Bibliothek.

SelfShelfSwap.Bibliothek.implement(books, contributors, users);

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Self Shelf Swap
Artistic Licence 2.0, GNU GPL v3

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the-crud-step series is the current focus of development.

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Latest version is v0.02.0

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