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Bazaar Explorer is a desktop application for using the Bazaar Version Control System. It provides a high level interface to all commonly used features, launching "applets" from the QBzr plug-in to provide most of the functionality. Alternatively, the applets from the bzr-gtk plug-in can be used if it is installed. Bazaar Explorer runs on GNOME, KDE, Windows, Mac OS X and FreeBSD.

Bazaar Explorer v.1.0 requires Bazaar 2.1 or later and QBzr 0.18 or later.
Bazaar Explorer v.1.1 requires Bazaar 2.1 or later (2.2 is recommended) and QBzr 0.19 or later.
Bazaar Explorer v.1.2 requires Bazaar 2.3 or later and QBzr 0.19 or later (0.22 is recommended).
Bazaar Explorer v.1.3 requires Bazaar 2.6 or later and QBzr 0.22 or later (although it might be backward compatible with older versions, but this is not guaranteed).

Bazaar Explorer is bundled with the latest Windows and OS X installers. Detailed installed instruction may be found on the home page (see below).

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Latest version is 1.3.0
released on 2012-07-11

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