Glance grizzly-2 "g2"

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Thierry Carrez
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1 Anita Kuno, 1 Brian Waldon, 2 Eoghan Glynn, 1 Iccha Sethi, 1 Joshua Harlow, 1 Julien Danjou, 1 Mark Washenberger, 2 Sascha Peilicke, 1 Stuart McLaren, 1 Therese McHale, 2 Unmesh Gurjar, 1 Ying Chun Guo
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15 Fix Released

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Release notes 

This is another milestone (grizzly-2) on the road to Glance 2013.1.


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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1080991 #1080991 update_store_acls references unimported exception 2 Critical Iccha Sethi  10 Fix Released
1057322 #1057322 Image fails to upload to swift: TypeError: object of type 'CooperativeReader' has no len( 3 High Mark Washenberger  10 Fix Released
1081941 #1081941 Deleted image can be downloaded by admin user 3 High Unmesh Gurjar  10 Fix Released
1045179 #1045179 glance caching fails with webob 1.2.0 4 Medium Sascha Peilicke  10 Fix Released
1083070 #1083070 Deleted image stays in cache 4 Medium Unmesh Gurjar  10 Fix Released
1083648 #1083648 Default notification topic should be 'notifications', not 'glance_notifications' 4 Medium Julien Danjou  10 Fix Released
1089391 #1089391 No timeout for API to registry requests 4 Medium Stuart McLaren  10 Fix Released
1089916 #1089916 Use one wsgi app for service but one dbengine per worker 4 Medium Therese McHale  10 Fix Released
1092584 #1092584 Supplied image size should be verified against actual size 4 Medium Eoghan Glynn  10 Fix Released
1075088 #1075088 I18N issue: some log/messages are not wrapped with _() 5 Low Ying Chun Guo  10 Fix Released
1082404 #1082404 typo in glance image formats docs 5 Low Anita Kuno  10 Fix Released
1091294 #1091294 silent failure when loading the paste deploy app 5 Low Eoghan Glynn  10 Fix Released
1095528 #1095528 Link to controllingservers wrong in glance configuration page 5 Low Brian Waldon  10 Fix Released
1080907 #1080907 Disabling run_tests pep8 6 Wishlist Joshua Harlow  10 Fix Released
1083155 #1083155 Unable to set Content-MD5 header when using chunked transfer encoding 1 Undecided Sascha Peilicke  10 Fix Released
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