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Ben Swartzlander
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2 Alexey Ovchinnikov, 2 Alyson, 1 Clinton Knight, 1 Csaba Henk, 1 Goutham Pacha Ravi, 2 NidhiMittalHada, 3 Rodrigo Barbieri, 1 Tiago Pasqualini da Silva, 3 Valeriy Ponomaryov, 1 Xing Yang, 1 gecong
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Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1621081 #1621081 LVM job fails after adding extra services 2 Critical Alexey Ovchinnikov  10 Fix Released
1578718 #1578718 max_over_subscription_ratio is miscalculated for drivers reporting list [True, False] for thin_provisioning 3 High Xing Yang  10 Fix Released
1606691 #1606691 manila does not calculate allocated_capacity_gb 3 High NidhiMittalHada  10 Fix Released
1609858 #1609858 glusterfs driver incompatibility with GlusterFS 3.7.14+ 3 High Csaba Henk  10 Fix Released
1613675 #1613675 Container driver does not actually mount logical volumes 3 High Alexey Ovchinnikov  10 Fix Released
1620756 #1620756 Manila HSP driver doesnt support adding existent rules after manage 3 High Alyson  10 Fix Released
1621260 #1621260 NetApp cDOT driver autosupport broken 3 High Clinton Knight  10 Fix Released
1623051 #1623051 allow/deny do not show proper message when share is migrating 3 High Rodrigo Barbieri  10 Fix Released
1623379 #1623379 ZFSonLinux share migration works only if source share executor runs on the same host as ZFS storage 3 High Valeriy Ponomaryov  10 Fix Released
1613721 #1613721 After failure in create from snap Manila HNAS driver does not cleanup 4 Medium Alyson  10 Fix Released
1615616 #1615616 Default filter function missing in Hitachi HSP driver 4 Medium Tiago Pasqualini da Silva  10 Fix Released
1617461 #1617461 Race condition in generic drivers updating routes 4 Medium Rodrigo Barbieri  10 Fix Released
1620502 #1620502 ZFSonLinux share migration does not work with remote (shell) executor 4 Medium Valeriy Ponomaryov  10 Fix Released
1620800 #1620800 Share Migration share-type change not covered in tempest 4 Medium Rodrigo Barbieri  10 Fix Released
1621068 #1621068 zfsonlinux share migration feature not covered with unit tests 4 Medium Valeriy Ponomaryov  10 Fix Released
1578328 #1578328 NetApp cDOT tries to release and destroy snap mirrors to the same volume 5 Low Goutham Pacha Ravi  10 Fix Released
1587636 #1587636 test_manage_invalid causes error in API 5 Low NidhiMittalHada  10 Fix Released
1616696 #1616696 Correct reraising of exception 5 Low gecong  10 Fix Released
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