Percona Server moved to 5.5.33-31.1

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Hrvoje Matijakovic
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1 Alexey Kopytov, 2 Ignacio Nin, 7 Laurynas Biveinis, 1 Sergei Glushchenko
1 Implemented
12 Fix Released

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Bugs Fixed:

The buffer pool mutex split patch implemented in Percona Server could cause a race condition, involving a dirty compressed page block for which there is an uncompressed page image in the buffer pool, that could lead to a server crash. Bug fixed #1086680.

If binary log was enabled, Fake Changes transactions were binlogged. This could lead to data corruption issues with deeper replication topologies. Bug fixed #1190580.

Changes made to the RPM scripts for previous Percona Server version caused installer to fail if there were different datadir options in multiple configuration files. Bug fixed #1201036.

Percona Server shared-compat package was being built with the 5.1.66 version of the client, which didn’t work with OpenSSL. Fixed by building the shared-compat package with a more recent version. Bug fixed #1201393.

Fixed the upstream bug #69639 which caused compile errors for Percona Server with DTrace version Sun D 1.11 provided by recent SmartOS versions. Bug fixed #1196460.

Fixed a regression introduced in Percona Server 5.5.32-31.0, where server wouldn’t be able to start if Atomic write support for Fusion-io devices was enabled. Bug fixed #1214735.

Percona Server used to acquire the buffer pool LRU list mutex in the I/O completion routine for the compressed page flush list flushes where it was not necessary. Bug fixed #1181269.

Other bugs fixed: bug fixed #1189743, bug fixed #1188162 and bug fixed #1203308.

1 blueprint and 12 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Rebase on MySQL 5.5.33 Rebase on MySQL 5.5.33 5 Essential Laurynas Biveinis  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1067097 #1067097 strconvert() / my_mb_wc_filename() can do out-of-bound reads on short inputs 3 High   10 Fix Released
1086680 #1086680 Valgrind: free in buf_page_get_gen (Invalid read in buf_flush_batch / buf_flush_list) + free in buf_page_get_gen (Invalid read in buf_flush_page_and_try_neighbors) 3 High Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1189743 #1189743 Revert the fix for 1185686 until the problem is fully analyzed 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1190580 #1190580 Fake changes transactions are binlogged 3 High Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1201036 #1201036 RPM installer fails in version 5.5.32-31.0 3 High Ignacio Nin  10 Fix Released
1201393 #1201393 Fix shared-compat linking 3 High Ignacio Nin  10 Fix Released
1196460 #1196460 Percona Server won't compile with dtrace: Sun D 1.11 4 Medium Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1214735 #1214735 os_file_set_atomic_writes() return value check is inverted 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1186190 #1186190 -Wunused-local-typedefs -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess build warnings 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1203308 #1203308 Wrong initial value for srv_track_changed_pages 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1181269 #1181269 Unnecessary LRU list mutex acquisition in buf_page_io_complete() 6 Wishlist Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1188162 #1188162 Verify in MTR that fake changes transactions are not binlogged 6 Wishlist Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
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