Percona Server 5.5.36-34.0

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Percona Server
Hrvoje Matijakovic
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2 Alexey Bychko, 3 George Ormond Lorch III, 4 Laurynas Biveinis, 2 Sergei Glushchenko, 10 Stewart Smith, 1 Vlad Lesin
5 Implemented
18 Fix Released

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New Features

Debian and Ubuntu packaging has been reworked to meet the packaging standards.

Ability to change database for mysqlbinlog has been ported from Percona Server 5.1.

Percona Server has implemented Slow Query Log Rotation and Expiration feature to provide users with better control of slow query log disk space usage.

In order to comply with Linux distribution packaging standards Percona‘s version of libmysqlclient has been renamed to libperconaserver. The old name was conflicting with the upstream libmysqlclient. Except for packaging, libmysqlclient and libperconaserverclient of the same version do not have any differences. Users wishing to continue using libmysqlclient will have to install the corresponding package of their distribution, such as mysql-lib for CentOS and libmysqlclient18 for Ubuntu/Debian. Users wishing to build software against libperconaserverclient should install libperconaserverclient-dev package. An old version of Percona-built libmysqlclient will be available for download.

Bugs Fixed

The XtraDB version number in univ.i was incorrect. Bug fixed #1277383.

Percona Toolkit UDFs were only shipped with RPM packages. Bug fixed #1159625.

Server could crash if it was signaled with SIGHUP early in the server startup. Bug fixed #1249193 (upstream #62311).

Server could crash if XtraDB innodb_dict_size option was set due to incorrect attempts to remove indexes in use from the dictionary cache. Bugs fixed #1250018 and #758788.

Fix for bug #1227581, a buffer pool mutex split regression, was not complete, thus a combination of write workload and tablespace drop could crash the server if InnoDB compression was used. Bug fixed #1269352.

Binary RPM packages couldn’t be built from source tarballs on Fedora 19. Bug fixed #1229598.

Percona Server that was compiled from source package had different server version string from that of binary packages. Bug fixed #1244178.

InnoDB did not handle the cases of asynchronous and synchronous I/O requests completing partially or being interrupted. Bugs fixed #1262500 (upstream #54430), and #1263087 (Andrew Gaul).

Fixed the CMake warnings that were happening when Makefile was generated. Bugs fixed #1274827 (upstream #71089).

Percona Server source tree has been reorganized to match the MySQL source tree layout closer. Bug fixed #1014477.

On Ubuntu Precise multiple architecture versions of libmysqlclient18 couldn’t be installed side by side. Bug fixed #1052636.

Other bugs fixed: #1005787.

5 blueprints and 18 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Merge MySQL 5.5.36 5 Essential Laurynas Biveinis  11 Implemented
Sync 5.5 debian packaging with MySQL Debian packaging 4 High Stewart Smith  11 Implemented
libperconaserverclient for PS5.5 4 High Stewart Smith  11 Implemented
port --rewrite-db mysqlbinlog option from 5.1 to 5.5 4 High Vlad Lesin  11 Implemented
Implement slowlog rotation and expiration similar to binlog 3 Medium Sergei Glushchenko  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
758788 #758788 mysql process crashes after setting innodb_dict_size 3 High George Ormond Lorch III  10 Fix Released
1018291 #1018291 Database administrator password can be seen in plain text if you execute debconf-get-selections 3 High Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
1159625 #1159625 PT UDFs are only shipped with RPM 3 High Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
1249193 #1249193 SIGHUP at startup crashes the server 3 High Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1250018 #1250018 innodb_dict_size_limit tries to do LRU eviction of an index that is in use 3 High George Ormond Lorch III  10 Fix Released
1269352 #1269352 InnoDB: failing assertion: buf_page_in_file(bpage) below buf_flush_page_and_try_neighbors() 3 High Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1277383 #1277383 Issue with PERCONA_INNODB_VERSION 3 High Alexey Bychko  10 Fix Released
1229598 #1229598 I can not build rpm from src.rpm for Fedora 19 4 Medium Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
1244178 #1244178 Different Server version value when installing from Source/Binary/RPM 4 Medium Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
1262500 #1262500 ibd files contain bogus trailing zeros and non-page size file sizes 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1263087 #1263087 Percona Server 5.5 / 5.6 do not handle partial / interrupted AIO calls 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1281261 #1281261 ubuntu packaging issues for 14.04 4 Medium George Ormond Lorch III  10 Fix Released
1005787 #1005787 main.file_contents failure due to missing INFO_SRC in source tarball 5 Low Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
1274827 #1274827 CMake warning when generating Makefile 5 Low Alexey Bychko  10 Fix Released
1276445 #1276445 Various test suite files have execute bit set but aren't executable 5 Low Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
1014477 #1014477 Percona Server source repository layout does not match that of MySQL 6 Wishlist Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
1052636 #1052636 Multiple arch installation of libmysqlclient18 broken 6 Wishlist Stewart Smith  10 Fix Released
691601 #691601 SHOW INNODB STATUS reports non-FK errors in the FK section 1 Undecided   10 Fix Released
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