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Automatic derivation of class instances in Haskell.

Haskell implementation of the Amazon Web Services protocols

The haskell-fl project provides models and functions from the field of formal languages. For example finite state automata, grammars, and language inference methods are provided.

Programs from learning path haskell

Examples, tests and exercises from the book "Haskell Programming from First Principles"

Examples and answers for the "Natural Transformations in Haskell" workshop first given at Compose Conference.

A SCons tool for supporting compiling and linking of Haskell code.

Examples, tests and exercises from the book "The Road to Logic, Maths and Programming"

haskell-equ is the library upon which equ and fun are built.

Clash is a functional hardware description language that borrows both its syntax and semantics from the functional programming language Haskell. The Clash compiler transforms these high-level descriptions to low-level synthesizable VHDL,...

A collaborative project to build an opensource Haskell differential geometry library

Library implementing the assignments from the book 'Haskell school of Expression'

The tool renames files based on patterns. It was started as an exercise in Haskell.

Analyst's swiss army knife for visualization of data from ad-hoc logs.

hmatermind is a implementation of mastermind game in haskell

GHC is a state-of-the-art, open source, compiler and interactive environment for the functional language Haskell.

idiii is a Haskell library for reading and writing ID3v2 tags from MP3 files.

IsoUnit is a haskell module for calculating with physical values in the SI base unit system (m, kg, s, A, K, cd, mol)

LambdaCircus is a spiritual port of the FlyingCircus (Python / Mantissa) quote database to Haskell / Yesod. Aside from being a serviceable quote database (like and other similar sites), it should also serve as a reasonable "exam...

FunctionalC is a C library with the implementation of some functions of functional programming language, such as Haskell, Lisp, ML ecc.

Haskell bindings for TDB.

A Haskell library for making bug-free code a bit faster / much prettier. Beware: if it isn’t bug-free, this library may make it *drop dead* gorgeous.

We have developed TerraHS, a software component that enables the development of geographical applications in a functional language, using the data handling capabilities of TerraLib. TerraLib is a C++ library that supports different spati...

Yi is a text editor written in Haskell and extensible in Haskell. The goal of Yi is to provide a flexible, powerful and correct editor core scriptable in Haskell.

This book is a "ground up" tutorial for the Ermine programming language, based on understanding the simplest of concepts and building from there, not on digging through larger examples. It is suitable for users unfamiliar with any progr...

Statically typed Lisp dialect compiler, written in Haskell.

Authentication using Tokens in Haskell

Ceres is a Web application that supports distributed agriculture projects. Distributed agriculture in this sense is defined as the cultivation of plants for human purposes across a number of sites and by a number of people or groups. A d...

A universal pastebin tool in Haskell.

From Nix is a purely functional package manager. This means that it treats packages like values in purely functional programming languages such as Haskell — they are built by functions that don’t have side-effects,...

Park is a parser library for Scheme based on Parsec for Haskell by Daan Leijen.

Pugs is an implementation of Perl 6, written in Haskell. It aims to implement the full Perl6 specification, as detailed in the Perl 6 Synopses at

Thrift is a software framework for scalable cross-language services development. It combines a software stack with a code generation engine to build services that work efficiently and seamlessly between C++, Java, Python, PHP, Ruby, Erla...

This project aims to develop something like Django's URL Conf in the Haskell programming language.

WARNING: Urweb development is on Mercurial, and I haven't fixed the importer since Launchpad discontinued Mercurial support Ur is a programming language in the tradition of ML and Haskell, but featuring a significantly richer type syste...

A high-performance erasure-coding ("forward error correction") library with interfaces in Python, Haskell, and C, plus command-line tools.

Crules is another dynamic language with the focus of being very expressive, fast and embedded into existing technologies!

Mikrokosmos is a λ-calculus interpreter, borrowing its name from the series of progressive piano études Mikrokosmos written by Bela Bartok. It aims to provide students with a tool to learn and understand λ-calculus. It supports both unty...

Persistent key-value database with network interface

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