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With this program/Python library you can easily create mock objects on D-Bus. This is useful for writing tests for software which talks to D-Bus services such as upower, systemd, ConsoleKit, gnome-session or others, and it is hard (or impossible without root privileges) to set the state of the real services to what you expect in your tests.

When using a local system/session bus, you can do integration testing without needing root privileges or disturbing a running system. The Python API offers some convenience functions like "start_session_bus()" and "start_system_bus()" for this, in a DBusTestCase class (subclass of unittest.TestCase).

You can use this with any programming language, as you can run the mocker as a normal program. The actual setup of the mock (adding objects, methods, properties, etc.) all happen via D-Bus methods on the org.freedesktop.DBus.Mock interface. You just don't have the convenience API that way.

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