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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
gdm3 Ubuntu Jammy 41.0-3ubuntu1 None
gnome-desktop3 Ubuntu Jammy 41.1-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Jammy 40.1.1-3ubuntu1 None
mutter Ubuntu Hirsute 3.38.4-1ubuntu2.21.04.01 None
mutter Ubuntu Focal 3.36.9-0ubuntu0.20.04.2 None
mutter Ubuntu Impish 40.5-1ubuntu3~21.10.1 None
mutter Ubuntu Jammy 40.5-1ubuntu3 None
libfprint Ubuntu Jammy 1:1.94.1+tod1-0ubuntu2 None
gnome-pkg-tools Ubuntu Jammy 0.22.4ubuntu1 None
gnome-shell Ubuntu Impish 40.5-1ubuntu2 None
yaru-theme Ubuntu Impish 21.10.2 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Impish 40.1.1-1ubuntu1 None
gdm3 Ubuntu Impish 41~rc-0ubuntu1 None
gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock Ubuntu Impish 70~ubuntu1 None
ubuntu-settings Ubuntu Impish 21.10.2 None
gnome-desktop3 Ubuntu Impish 40.2-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-pkg-tools Ubuntu Impish 0.22.2ubuntu1 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Impish 1:40.0-1ubuntu1 None
gsettings-desktop-schemas Ubuntu Impish 40.0-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Impish 40.0.1-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-shell Ubuntu Hirsute 3.38.4-1ubuntu3~21.04.1 None
yaru-theme Ubuntu Focal None
gjs Ubuntu Hirsute 1.68.1-1~ubuntu0.21.04.1 None
fonts-noto-color-emoji Ubuntu Focal 0~20200916-1~ubuntu20.04.1 None
nautilus Ubuntu Hirsute 1:3.38.2-1ubuntu2 None
gdm3 Ubuntu Hirsute None
gnome-shell-extension-appindicator Ubuntu Focal 33.1-0ubuntu0.20.04.2 None
gnome-shell Ubuntu Focal 3.36.9-0ubuntu0.20.04.1 None
gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock Ubuntu Hirsute 69ubuntu1 None
opensc Ubuntu Hirsute 0.21.0-1ubuntu1 None
yaru-theme Ubuntu Hirsute 21.04.1 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Hirsute 3.38.1-3ubuntu3 None
libfprint Ubuntu Hirsute 1:1.90.7+git20210222+tod1-0ubuntu1 None
fprintd Ubuntu Focal 1.90.9-1~ubuntu20.04.1 None
fprintd Ubuntu Groovy 1.90.9-1~ubuntu20.10.1 None
gjs Ubuntu Focal 1.64.5-0ubuntu0.20.04.01 None
sssd Ubuntu Focal 2.2.3-3ubuntu0.4 None
gnome-shell Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.3-2ubuntu0.20.10.2 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Hirsute 3.38.0-3ubuntu2 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Hirsute 1:3.38.3-1ubuntu3 None
gnome-shell Ubuntu Bionic 3.28.4-0ubuntu18.04.7 None
gnome-shell-extensions Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.2-1~ubuntu20.10.1 None
mutter Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.2-1ubuntu1~20.10.1 None
gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons Ubuntu Groovy 20.04.0+git20200908-5~ubuntu20.10.0 None
libfprint Ubuntu Focal 1:1.90.2+tod1-0ubuntu1~20.04.4 riscv64
libfprint Ubuntu Groovy 1:1.90.3+tod1-0ubuntu2~20.10.2 None
gdm3 Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.1-2ubuntu1 None
yaru-theme Ubuntu Groovy None
mutter Ubuntu Bionic 3.28.4+git20200505-0ubuntu18.04.2 None
gnome-terminal Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1ubuntu1 None
vte2.91 Ubuntu Groovy 0.62.0-1ubuntu1 None
gsettings-desktop-schemas Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-session Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1ubuntu1 None
totem-pl-parser Ubuntu Groovy 3.26.5-5ubuntu1 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-calculator Ubuntu Groovy 1:3.38.0-1ubuntu1 None
totem Ubuntu Groovy 3.38.0-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock Ubuntu Groovy 68ubuntu20.10.1 None
gnome-shell-extension-appindicator Ubuntu Groovy 33-3~fakesync None
gnome-shell-extension-desktop-icons Ubuntu Focal 20.04.0-3~ubuntu20.04.1 None
gnome-shell-extension-ubuntu-dock Ubuntu Focal 68ubuntu1~20.04.1 None
gjs Ubuntu Groovy 1.64.2-1ubuntu1 None
tig Ubuntu Focal 2.4.1-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-shell Ubuntu Eoan 3.34.3-1ubuntu1~19.10.1 s390x
yaru-theme Ubuntu Eoan 19.10.5 None
mutter Ubuntu Eoan 3.34.3-1ubuntu1~19.10.1 None
gnome-calculator Ubuntu Bionic 1:3.28.2-1~ubuntu18.04.3 None
gnome-online-accounts Ubuntu Eoan 3.33.91-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-initial-setup Ubuntu Eoan 3.33.91-1ubuntu1 None
mutter Ubuntu Disco 3.32.0-1ubuntu2 None
budgie-desktop Ubuntu Disco 10.5~git20190218-1ubunu1 None
gnome-shell Ubuntu Disco 3.31.90-1ubuntu1 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Bionic 1:3.28.2-0ubuntu0.18.04.3 None
gnome-settings-daemon Ubuntu Bionic 3.28.1-0ubuntu1.2 None
gnome-control-center Ubuntu Cosmic 1:3.30.2-1ubuntu0.18.10.2 None
175 of 116 results