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Name Uploaded to Version When Failures
ironic Ubuntu Utopic 2014.2~rc1-0ubuntu1 2014-10-06 None
ironic Ubuntu Trusty 2014.1~rc1-0ubuntu1 2014-04-04 None
awesome Ubuntu Trusty 3.4.15-1ubuntu1 2014-01-23 None
heat Ubuntu Saucy 2013.2.1-0ubuntu1 2014-01-03 None
nova Ubuntu Saucy 1:2013.2.1-0ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
neutron Ubuntu Saucy 1:2013.2.1-0ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
keystone Ubuntu Saucy 1:2013.2.1-0ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
horizon Ubuntu Saucy 1:2013.2.1-0ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
glance Ubuntu Saucy 1:2013.2.1-0ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
cinder Ubuntu Saucy 1:2013.2.1-0ubuntu1 2014-01-02 None
ceilometer Ubuntu Saucy 2013.2.1-0ubuntu2 2014-01-02 None
quantum Ubuntu Raring 1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 None
nova Ubuntu Raring 1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 None
keystone Ubuntu Raring 1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 None
horizon Ubuntu Raring 1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 None
glance Ubuntu Raring 1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 None
cinder Ubuntu Raring 1:2013.1.4-0ubuntu1 2013-10-18 None
python-troveclient Ubuntu Saucy 1:0.1.4-0ubuntu2 2013-09-27 None
python-django-openstack-auth Ubuntu Saucy 1.1.1-0ubuntu1 2013-08-29 None
cheetah Ubuntu Saucy 2.4.4-3.fakesync 2013-07-23 None
liblockfile Ubuntu Quantal 1.09-4ubuntu0.1 2013-07-02 None
liblockfile Ubuntu Precise 1.09-3ubuntu0.1 2013-06-24 None
python-pbr Ubuntu Saucy 0.5.16-0ubuntu1 2013-06-15 None
python-cliff Ubuntu Saucy 1.4-0ubuntu1 2013-06-14 None
paramiko Ubuntu Quantal 2013-06-05 None
python-eventlet Ubuntu Precise 0.9.16-1ubuntu4.2 2012-11-26 None
python-eventlet Ubuntu Quantal 0.9.17-0ubuntu1.1 2012-11-26 None
python-eventlet Ubuntu Raring 0.9.17-0ubuntu2 2012-11-26 None
python-keystoneclient Ubuntu Raring 1: 2012-10-31 None
novnc Ubuntu Quantal 2012.2~20120906+dfsg-0ubuntu4 2012-10-10 None
horizon Ubuntu Quantal 2012.2-0ubuntu2 2012-10-09 None
nova Ubuntu Quantal 2012.2-0ubuntu3 2012-10-02 None
openvswitch Ubuntu Quantal 1.4.3-0ubuntu1 2012-10-02 None
python-swiftclient Ubuntu Quantal 1:1.2.0-0ubuntu2 2012-09-19 None
openvswitch Ubuntu Precise 1.4.0-1ubuntu1.3 2012-09-08 None
nova Ubuntu Precise 2012.1.3+stable-20120827-4d2a4afe-0ubuntu1 2012-08-27 None
python-quantumclient Ubuntu Quantal 1:2.0-0ubuntu2 2012-08-27 None
keystone Ubuntu Precise 2012.1+stable~20120824-a16a0ab9-0ubuntu2 2012-08-24 None
horizon Ubuntu Precise 2012.1.3+stable~20120815-691dd2-0ubuntu1 2012-08-24 None
glance Ubuntu Precise 2012.1.3+stable~20120821-120fcf-0ubuntu1 2012-08-24 None
python-django-compressor Ubuntu Quantal 1.1.2-0ubuntu3 2012-08-15 None
openssl Ubuntu Precise 1.0.1-4ubuntu5.5 2012-08-14 None
sqlalchemy Ubuntu Precise 0.7.4-1ubuntu0.1 2012-08-08 None
netcat-openbsd Ubuntu Quantal 1.105-6ubuntu1 2012-06-14 None
glance Ubuntu Quantal 2012.2~f2~20120524.1541-0ubuntu1 2012-05-24 None
cyrus-sasl2 Ubuntu Precise 2.1.25.dfsg1-3ubuntu0.1 2012-05-03 None
squid3 Ubuntu Precise 3.1.19-1ubuntu2 2012-04-12 None
cluster-glue Ubuntu Precise 1.0.8-2ubuntu5 2012-04-03 None
resource-agents Ubuntu Precise 1:3.9.2-5ubuntu3 2012-04-02 None
python-keystoneclient Ubuntu Precise 2012.1~rc1~20120310.0-0ubuntu1 2012-03-16 None
python-novaclient Ubuntu Precise 2012.1~rc1~20120310.525-0ubuntu1 2012-03-16 None
python-iso8601 Ubuntu Precise 0.1.4-1ubuntu1 2012-02-25 None
facter Ubuntu Precise 1.6.4-2ubuntu1 2012-01-30 None
openstackx Ubuntu Precise 0.2+git20111108-0ubuntu2 2011-12-16 None
cobbler Ubuntu Precise 2.2.2-0ubuntu8 2011-12-07 None
cluster-agents Ubuntu Lucid 1:1.0.3-2ubuntu1.1 2011-12-02 None
cobbler-enlist Ubuntu Precise 0.3-1 2011-11-22 None
facter Ubuntu Lucid 1.5.6-2ubuntu2.3 2011-11-07 None
facter Ubuntu Maverick 1.5.7-1ubuntu1.3 2011-11-07 None
facter Ubuntu Natty 1.5.8-2ubuntu2.2 2011-11-07 None
ipsec-tools Ubuntu Oneiric 1:0.8.0-3ubuntu1.1 2011-10-28 None
facter Ubuntu Oneiric 1.5.9-1ubuntu1.1 2011-10-28 None
dahdi-linux Ubuntu Precise 1: 2011-10-27 None
ipsec-tools Ubuntu Precise 1:0.8.0-9ubuntu1 2011-10-25 None
python-dingus Ubuntu Precise 0.3.2-1ubuntu1 2011-10-21 None
cobbler Ubuntu Oneiric 2.1.0+git20110602-0ubuntu26 2011-09-30 None
glance Ubuntu Oneiric 2011.3-0ubuntu2 2011-09-23 None
python-amqplib Ubuntu Oneiric 1.0.0-0ubuntu1 2011-08-19 None
openbsd-inetd Ubuntu Oneiric 0.20091229-1ubuntu1 2011-07-03 None
netcat-openbsd Ubuntu Oneiric 1.89-4ubuntu1 2011-07-01 None
etckeeper Ubuntu Oneiric 0.55ubuntu1 2011-06-21 None
euca2ools Ubuntu Oneiric 1.3.1-0ubuntu9 2011-06-13 None
scsitools Ubuntu Oneiric 0.12-2ubuntu1 2011-06-13 None
virt-viewer Ubuntu Oneiric 0.3.1-2 2011-05-28 None
dahdi-linux Ubuntu Oneiric 1:2.4.1+dfsg-1ubuntu2 2011-05-26 None
175 of 76 results