I work for IBM on OpenStack.

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Convert use of keystoneclient to keystoneauth for OpenStack Compute (nova)
keystoneauth was split out last cycle as a library specifically to deal with doing auth functions so that people who do not need to do keystone CRUD operations can just consume only the auth session parts. As part of modernizing keystone interactions, use keystoneauth instead of keystoneclient. BP was asked for by ...
Provide basic functional smoketesting infrastructure for OpenStack Core Infrastructure
Jenkins should be able to spin up new cloud servers, install packages on them and then run tests to make sure that things work.
Documentation Deployment Automation for OpenStack Core Infrastructure
A set of various things that need to be done for Documentation automation
Enhance the current state of Jenkins for OpenStack Core Infrastructure
There are a bunch of tasks we need to get done to make Jenkins more friendly and usable by all
Integrate with Bare Metal Testing for OpenStack Core Infrastructure
Various people would like OpenStack tested on various bare metal/hypervisor combinations. We'd like to provide common entry points for this to support running tests on their setups and responding to success/failures.