Ironic 4.2.0 "liberty"

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Thierry Carrez
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2 Anusha, 1 Bob Ball, 1 Dan Prince, 2 Jim Rollenhagen, 1 John L. Villalovos, 1 Lekha Jeevan, 6 Lucas Alvares Gomes, 1 Naohiro Tamura, 1 Nisha Agarwal, 2 Pavlo Shchelokovskyy, 2 Ramakrishnan G (rameshg87), 2 Sam Betts, 1 Wang Wei, 2 Zhenguo Niu
4 Implemented
21 Fix Released

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Release notes 

This is Ironic 4.2.0 release.


This release does not have a changelog.

4 blueprints and 21 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Deprecate bash ramdisk Deprecate bash ramdisk 3 Medium Lucas Alvares Gomes  11 Implemented
New boot driver interface New boot driver interface 3 Medium Ramakrishnan G (rameshg87)  11 Implemented
Cisco IMC PXE Driver Cisco IMC PXE Driver 2 Low Sam Betts  11 Implemented
Make ilo drivers standalone in ironic by removing swift dependency Make ilo drivers standalone in ironic by removing swift dependency 2 Low Nisha Agarwal  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1455825 #1455825 Node power while in "cleaning" is unmanageable, leaves no way to retry cleaning 3 High Lucas Alvares Gomes  10 Fix Released
1471081 #1471081 agent_ssh driver did not check RAM size 3 High Zhenguo Niu  10 Fix Released
1475744 #1475744 driver properties not discoverable in REST API 3 High Anusha  10 Fix Released
1486887 #1486887 Config drive creation fails in UEFI boot mode for whole disk image 3 High Jim Rollenhagen  10 Fix Released
1490760 #1490760 intermittent iboot command failures 3 High Dan Prince  10 Fix Released
1493816 #1493816 Rolling-upgrade: lack of indirection API 3 High Jim Rollenhagen  10 Fix Released
1498275 #1498275 node.target_raid_config cannot be unset 3 High Ramakrishnan G (rameshg87)  10 Fix Released
1384379 #1384379 versions resource uses host_url which may be incorrect 4 Medium Lucas Alvares Gomes  10 Fix Released
1407820 #1407820 server will not boot from pxe if it does not support command 'chassis bootdev pxe ' with 'persistent' option 4 Medium Zhenguo Niu  10 Fix Released
1486148 #1486148 IPMITool vendor passthru is not used in any driver 4 Medium Pavlo Shchelokovskyy  10 Fix Released
1494367 #1494367 IPA: missing dmidecode binary (it's missing ipmitool as well) 4 Medium Lucas Alvares Gomes  10 Fix Released
1494991 #1494991 PXE files setup incorrectly when tftpd daemon uses --secure 4 Medium John L. Villalovos  10 Fix Released
1311288 #1311288 API end-points for changing node states are not discoverable 5 Low Anusha  10 Fix Released
1494807 #1494807 Docs: --is-public parameter for glance image-create has been removed 5 Low Lucas Alvares Gomes  10 Fix Released
1496026 #1496026 iBoot test taking more time than needed 5 Low Lucas Alvares Gomes  10 Fix Released
1496867 #1496867 ssh driver requirements unclear 5 Low Bob Ball  10 Fix Released
1499284 #1499284 CIMC missing i18n _ function import 5 Low Sam Betts  10 Fix Released
1495241 #1495241 Configure ironic services to be automatically started at boot time in 'install guide' 6 Wishlist Wang Wei  10 Fix Released
1496552 #1496552 custom DictMatches matcher in unit tests can be removed 6 Wishlist Pavlo Shchelokovskyy  10 Fix Released
1495668 #1495668 Ironic Python Agent's readme does not include links to the wiki and dev docs 1 Undecided Lekha Jeevan  10 Fix Released
1497799 #1497799 iRMC vmedia deploy fails if vmedia is already attached 1 Undecided Naohiro Tamura  10 Fix Released
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