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Percona Server
Hrvoje Matijakovic
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1 Alexey Kopytov, 2 Ignacio Nin, 6 Laurynas Biveinis, 3 Sergei Glushchenko
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14 Fix Released

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Ported Features

Fixed Size for the Read Ahead Area has been ported from Percona Server 5.5
Bug Fixes

If binary log was enabled, Fake Changes transactions were binlogged. This could lead to data corruption issues with deeper replication topologies. Bug fixed #1190580.

Querying INFORMATION_SCHEMA.PARTITIONS could cause key distribution statistics for partitioned tables to be reset to those corresponding to the last partition. Fixed the upstream bug #69179. Bug fixed #1192354.

Changes made to the RPM scripts for previous Percona Server version caused installer to fail if there were different datadir options in multiple configuration files. Bug fixed #1201036.

Fixed the upstream bug #42415 that would cause UPDATE/DELETE statements with the LIMIT clause to be unsafe for Statement Based Replication even when ORDER BY primary key was present. Fixed by implementing an algorithm to do more elaborate analysis on the nature of the query to determine whether the query will cause uncertainty for replication or not. Bug fixed #1132194.

When an upgrade was performed between major versions (e.g. by uninstalling a 5.1 RPM and then installing a 5.5 one), mysql_install_db was still called on the existing data directory which lead to re-creation of the test database. Bug fixed #1169522.

Fixed the upstream bug #69639 which caused compile errors for Percona Server with DTrace version Sun D 1.11 provided by recent SmartOS versions. Bug fixed #1196460.

Fixed a regression introduced in Percona Server 5.6.12-60.4, where server wouldn’t be able to start if Atomic write support for Fusion-io devices was enabled. Bug fixed #1214735.

Other bugs fixed: bug fixed #1188162, bug fixed #1203308 and bug fixed #1189743.

1 blueprint and 14 bugs targeted

Blueprint Priority Assignee Delivery
Rebase on MySQL 5.6.13 Rebase on MySQL 5.6.13 5 Essential Laurynas Biveinis  11 Implemented
Bug report Importance Assignee Status
1186974 #1186974 Constant BUF_READ_AHEAD_AREA patch dropped from 5.6 by mistake 3 High Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1189743 #1189743 Revert the fix for 1185686 until the problem is fully analyzed 3 High Alexey Kopytov  10 Fix Released
1190580 #1190580 Fake changes transactions are binlogged 3 High Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1191375 #1191375 Percona Server 5.6 RC with thread pool crashes under load 3 High   10 Fix Released
1192354 #1192354 accessing information_schema.partitions causes plans to change 3 High Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1201036 #1201036 RPM installer fails in version 5.5.32-31.0 3 High Ignacio Nin  10 Fix Released
1132194 #1132194 UPDATE/DELETE with LIMIT clause unsafe for SBR even when ORDER BY PK is present 4 Medium Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1169522 #1169522 Incomplete fix for bug #710799 4 Medium Ignacio Nin  10 Fix Released
1196460 #1196460 Percona Server won't compile with dtrace: Sun D 1.11 4 Medium Sergei Glushchenko  10 Fix Released
1214735 #1214735 os_file_set_atomic_writes() return value check is inverted 4 Medium Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
700982 #700982 Non-portable code in client plugin (fails on ARM) 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1186190 #1186190 -Wunused-local-typedefs -Wsizeof-pointer-memaccess build warnings 5 Low   10 Fix Released
1203308 #1203308 Wrong initial value for srv_track_changed_pages 5 Low Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
1188162 #1188162 Verify in MTR that fake changes transactions are not binlogged 6 Wishlist Laurynas Biveinis  10 Fix Released
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